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Alexisonfire discography and songs: Music profile for Alexisonfire, formed 2001. Genres: Post-Hardcore, Acoustic Rock, Emo. Albums include Alexisonfire, Crisis,. Explore releases from Alexisonfire at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Alexisonfire at the Discogs Marketplace.

CD, 20 Abril 2004 - Nitro Records
1. Mute Print
2. Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks
3. Anchor End
4. William Blake Overdrive
5. Brand New me, Same Shitty you
6. The Rip
7. Retiring
8. Stab, Stab, Stab
9. A Picture of the World
10. Kursk
11. Dreaming of Throwing up
Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud
CD, 15 Novembro 2005 - Jump Start Records
1. Hike
2. It'll Happen to you
3. A Chapter of Accidents
4. The Big Fall
5. Catharsis for Dummies
6. Halcyon Days
7. Beautiful Girl Disease
8. Better Health Through Screaming in Tune
9. You Kiss Their Ass and they Shit on you
10. September 10th
11. You Make me Feel Like I Need a Psychiatric Evaluation
12. Class of '97
13. Month of Sundays
CD, 16 Agosto 2005 - Nitro Records
1. King is Dead
2. Killing it
3. Pool
4. Soft sell
5. God Loves a Liar
6. In Vino Veritas 2
7. Me vs. Morrissey in the Pretentiousness Contest (The Ladder Match)
8. Congratulations
9. Kids Can Eat a Bag of Dicks
10. When I Was Alive : Walden 3
11. Mercy Day for Mr. Vengeance
12. Less Bright Eyes, More Deicide
13. Speed of Dark
14. Cancer Dream
Career Suicide
CD, 09 Outubro 2007 - Nitro Records

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1. Wipe My Ass with Showbiz
2. 5 to 9
3. Horse
4. Die While We're Young
5. Jaws 3, People 0
6. Career Suicide
7. These Dead Streets
8. Get Mad, You Son of a Bitch!
Torrent9. Our Ghosts (Contemporary / Consensual)
10. Cold Slither II
11. Pardon Me, Thanks a Lot
12. Check Request Denied
13. We Built This City! (On Debts and Booze)
A Wilhelm Scream
EP, 20 Novembro 2009 - Paper Plastick
1. Australias 02:47
2. Every Great Story Has a Shower Scene 01:56

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3. Fun Time 04:00
4. Bulletproof Tiger 03:49
5. Skid Rock 04:30
Bonustrack (Australian Release)
6. Your Love (The Outfield cover) 03:28

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Studio album by Alexisonfire
ReleasedSeptember 9, 2002
Hardcore punk
LabelDistort Entertainment
Equal Vision
Sore Point
ProducerAlexisonfire, Greg Below
Alexisonfire chronology
Pink Heart Skull Sampler
Brown Heart Skull Sampler
Alternative Cover
Professional ratings
Review scores
Sincerity(70%) [1]

Alexisonfire is the first studio album released by the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. It was released on September 9, 2002. It sold over 50,000 units in Canada, giving it gold certification. Members Chris Steele, Wade MacNeil and Jesse Ingelevics were only 17 when the album was recorded.

The cover art was photographed by lead singer George Pettit at Ferndale Public School in St.Catharines, Ontario. Pictured is Cassandra Paolella (holding the knife) and Amanda Rietveld (opposite). It is based on the lyrics from 'A Dagger Through the Heart of St. Angeles'. There was also an alternative cover art released, which just depicts the band's logo and name.

The title of '.44 Caliber Love Letter' is likely taken from a line in the 1986David Lynch movie Blue Velvet:

'I'll have to send you a love letter! Straight from my heart, fucker! You know what a love letter is? It's a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker!' - Frank Booth

The album is considered a major landmark of the post-hardcore genre.


Track listing

All songs written and composed by Alexisonfire.

1.'.44 Caliber Love Letter' 4:31
2.'Counterparts and Number Them' 2:18
3.'Adelleda' 5:47
4.'A Dagger Through the Heart of St. Angeles' 4:12
5.'Polaroids of Polar Bears' 5:08
6.'Waterwings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas)' 2:41
7.'Where No One Knows' 3:12
8.'The Kennedy Curse' 3:38
9.'Jubella' 2:29
10.'Little Girls Pointing and Laughing' 4:54
11.'Pulmonary Archery' 3:26


  • George Pettit – vocals, photography
  • Wade MacNeil – guitar, vocals
  • Chris Steele – bass
  • Dallas Green – guitar, vocals
  • Jesse Ingelevics – drums
  • Greg Below – Producer, engineer, mixer
  • D. Sandshaw – A&R for Equal Vision Records
  • George Kotsopoulos – Drum editor
  • Bed Kaplan – Drum editor
  • Bill Scoville – Album layout


  • 'Pulmonary Archery'
  • 'Counterparts and Number Them'
  • 'Waterwings (And Other Poolside Fashion Faux Pas)'

External links

  • Alexisonfire on Myspace


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  • Chris Steele
  • Jesse Ingelevics
Studio albums
  • Alexisonfire
  • 'This Could Be Anywhere in the World'
  • 'Boiled Frogs'
  • 'Rough Hands'
  • 'Young Cardinals'
  • 'Born and Raised'
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