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  • Since Arma 3 v1.67 it is increased to 288. Since Arma 3 v 1.67 it is possible to mark created group for automatic deletion when the group becomes empty (see Alt Syntax). When group is set to be automatically deleted when empty, when group becomes empty it may take up.
  • The thing is, I want custom ennemies, and not the default Arma 3 ones. I could create all the groups, and give each unit a custom loadout with a wall of text (or with LEA), but that would take tremendous time to create, and use ressources on the PC needlessly.

Arma 3 introduces a module framework, which lets designer to simplify the configuration and chose how the module function will be executed (e.g., globally and for every player who joins later). The name of a module can be used to refer to the object in script code. Like all variable names, the name must not contain any spaces or reserved characters. You should try to make it something.

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You want to find degenerates like yourself that have a poor taste in music and games such as Arma 3 and Escape From Tarkov. Well you should go and get a life...
499 days ago
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Arma 3 game
The 24th Rifle Regiment is an Arma 3 milsim group that's alway's recruiting. We are a relaxed group that welcomes everyone, and wants people to have fun during our operations.
The lore is quite long and I'd rather let you read it in the server. Besides that, join if you want to, it really doesn't matter if you do or don't want to. It's just a military RP based off the game Arma 3 and other Arma games. I did not make the game, I only made the RP server for reasons of entertainment and something to do during this life. So, please don't be mad or offended, join if you want to.
514 days ago
We're a friendly community and pride ourselves on being able to accommodate all types of people from around the globe. We host a variety of gameserver for anyone to play and host regular events and competitions for our members to participate.
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jump on, have fun doing operations, meet new people who like the same things as you.
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Привет, смотря на тег РП ты наверняка задумался что это лишь очередной Дискорд РП сервер, но это не так, сейчас я расскажу что есть на нашем сервере. Комьюнити нашего сервера представляет собой людей, которым надоели обычные гринд сервера в арме, они присоединились к нам что-бы начать не постоянный гринд, а настоящий РП. Вы спросите: 'А как рпшить если не на серверах?', мы создаем сервер сами в режиме ZEUS, так же мы используем много различных модов.
Если мы вас заинтересовали, то смело подключайся, мы любим новых игроков.
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-Active community 🔥
-Server Events 🎉
-Diverse Gamers♥️
-Active Admins🙏
-Adult Channel Available😉 (Contact Staff)
The year is 2037, 3 years after the events of East Wind, Apex Protocol and Remnants of war. After the NATO Invasion of Altis, CSAT still maintain a large force in Altis, whilst NATO maintains a few FOB'S and a sizable area of Altis too. Now the added threat of nuclear launch sites near CSAT territory arises and NATO must launch a daring offensive to drive CSAT off the island and protect the launch sites from CSAT Control. If CSAT gets to those launch sites and launches those nukes, then NATO will be annihilated, with many NATO targets already being targeted by CSAT generals.
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We are an Arma 3 unit, That is an attachment of a BAF unit and we play as USAF. We have a growing list of ranks/MOS's, we also have a special forces detachment.
We are a chill community wanting to expand our player base! Come and join us for some fun, you won't regret it!
Based around the United States Marine Corps and 10 years of legacy behind us we are coming back to ARMA as most other platforms have become too unreliable.
Established in 2009 with the founding three members this team has grown and expanded at times operating across multiple platforms. With ten years of tradition and brotherhood behind us, we are always looking for the next challenge. Nothing Given
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Vengeance's Gaming Server
Active admins
Mature staff
Games including:
Rainbow Six Siege
Day Z
Arma 2
Arma 3
and more!
We also do tutoring/coaching sessions on games such as siege for a small fee :)
If any of this sounds of interest to you please feel free to join.
Come join we discuss coding, game development, we are starting to leak game files/mod files for certain games, website plugins for your website. And more to come.
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Welcome To the Bird Gang Community Nest. This is the hangout for the small streaming Group 'Bird Gang'. We hope you enjoy the streams!
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We mainly talk about gaming and the future servers were getting. The servers include (Garry’s mod , arma 3, rust and unturned). We’re pretty chill.

What Is Arma 3

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Epic meme server (epiccoolsunglassemojie)
You can play games and do stuff on this server .
join if you are bored!
P.s. how i put emojie?
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ARMA 3 Project Life South Africa
There is only 2 English Versioned A3PL Arma 3 Servers in the world. This version you do not require any pay to gain access. It is completely free entry
Project Life is a unique Arma 3 roleplaying server. In this server you immerse yourself in a realistic roleplay community. Your player has many different opportunities to play, whether you work at a job and make money or you create your own empire and recruit other players to join you. The possibilities are endless with Project Life.
Discord -
Website -
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We are a Arma 3 Roleplaying community, based mainly around military operations. We want to make the best of efforts for the community to be as good as possible, and have well-scheduled weekly Events that as many people can attend to.
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Nortle Tortles is a server where people can come together and have fun. Everyone is open to having discussions, as well as dating. We are a new server that is just starting up, So join to be a Tortle <3
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Create a unit of class that is defined in CfgVehicles.

This command could be bugged in Operation Flashpoint or Armed Assault ; an additional join may solve the problem.

However, some commands such as setUnitPos only work if run before the join.
The unit will not be created if the passed group does not exist (a.k.a grpNull); this can happen if createGroup fails because the group limit has been reached (see createGroup for respective game limits).


group createUnit [type, position, markers, placement, special]
group: Group - Existing group new unit will join
[type, position, markers, placement, special]: Array
type: String - Class name of unit to be created as per CfgVehicles
position: Position, Position2D, Object or Group - Location unit is created at. In case of Group position of the groupleader is used
markers: Array - Placement markers
placement: Number - Placement radius
special: String - Unit placement special, one of:
  • 'NONE' - The unit will be created at the first available free position nearest to given position
  • 'FORM' - Not implemented, currently functions the same as 'NONE'.
  • 'CAN_COLLIDE' - The unit will be created exactly at passed position
  • 'CARGO' - The unit will be created in cargo of the group's vehicle, regardless of the passed position (see Example 5). If group has no vehicle or there is no cargo space available, the unit will be placed according to 'NONE'. To check available cargo space use:_hasCargo = _veh emptyPositions 'CARGO' > 0;
Return Value:
Object - The created unit

Alternative Syntax

type createUnit [position, group, init, skill, rank]
type: String - Class name of unit to be created as per CfgVehicles
[position, group, init, skill, rank]: Array
position: Position, Position2D, Object or Group - Location unit is created at. In case of Group position of the groupleader is used
group: Group - Existing group new unit will join
init: String - (Optional, default ') Unit init statement, similar to unit init field in the editor. The code placed in unit init will run upon unit creation for every client on network, present and future. The code itself receives the reference to the created unit via local variable this. Avoid using global commands in unit init statement as it already runs on every client.
skill: Number - (Optional, default 0.5) Unit skill
rank: String - (Optional, default 'PRIVATE') Unit rank
Return Value:
Nothing - This syntax does NOT return a unit reference! In order to reference this unit, you can use newUnit = this in the init field.
If the target group is not local, the init script will only execute after a slight delay; see Killzone_Kid's note below for more information and issues about this syntax.


Example 1:
_unit = groupplayercreateUnit ['B_RangeMaster_F', positionplayer, [], 0, 'FORM'];
Example 2:
'B_RangeMaster_F' createUnit [positionplayer, groupplayer];
Example 3:
'B_RangeMaster_F' createUnit [getMarkerPos 'barracks', _groupAlpha];
Example 4:
'B_RangeMaster_F' createUnit [ getMarkerPos 'marker_1', _groupAlpha, 'loon1 = this; thisaddWeapon 'BAF_L85A2_RIS_SUSAT', 0.6, 'corporal'];
Example 5:
_veh = 'O_Quadbike_01_F' createVehicle (playergetRelPos [10, 0]);_grp = createVehicleCrew _veh;_unit = _grp createUnit [typeOfdriver _veh, _grp, [], 0, 'CARGO'];

Additional Information

See also:
Object Manipulation


Only post proven facts here. Report bugs on the Feedback Tracker and discuss on the Arma Discord or on the Forums.
Posted on 27th Nov 2016
1.64 The side of the created unit by this command uses its config's side and not the side of a passed empty group created by createGroup:_grp = createGroupeast;hintstrside _grp; // EAST_ap = _grp createUnit [ 'C_man_p_beggar_F', positionplayer, [], 0, 'FORM'];hintstrside _ap; // CIV, not EASTWe can use join command or fill the _grp with entities in advance to set _ap to the desired side.
Posted on 8th Dec 2018
Since 1.86: If you want to place a module with createUnit, you have to ensure that the module gets activated automatically by setting BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation to false, e.g:private _grp = createGroupsideLogic;'ModuleSmokeWhite_F' createUnit [ getPosplayer, _grp, 'thissetVariable ['BIS_fnc_initModules_disableAutoActivation', false, true];'];
Posted on 18th Mar 2019
Alt Syntax is the older syntax and differs in functionality from the main, newer syntax. The main difference is that the older syntax

Arma 3 Pc

does not

Arma 3 Create Group

return unit reference. This is because the unit created with Alt Syntax is created strictly where passed group is local. This means that if the group is remote the unit will be created on the different client than the one the command was executed on and therefore it is not possible to return created unit reference immediately. In contrast, the newer syntax allows creating units in remote groups while returning unit reference immediately, which could be unsafe and the appropriate warning is logged into .rpt file: Warning: Adding units to a remote group is not safe. Please use setGroupOwner to change the group owner first.
Another very important difference is that the older syntax (Alt Syntax) will create unit of the same side as the side of the group passed as argument. For example, if the group is WEST and the unit faction is OPFOR of type, say 'O_Soldier_GL_F', the unit created will be on the WEST side as well. In contrast, newer syntax will create the same unit on the EAST side in the WEST group, which will be treated as hostile by other group members and eliminated.
Beware that in MP if unit is created in remote group with older syntax, the unit init will execute on calling client sometime in the future, after the unit is created on remote client, therefore the following code will fail: // The unit reference is nil because init statement has not been executed on this client yet.

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Posted on June 19, 2020 - 10:13 (UTC)
1.98 note that even when setting the placement special parameter to 'NONE', 3DEN-placed objects are being ignored when looking for a free position. In other words: units will spawn within editor-placed rocks or under houses.

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