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โปรแกรม Cargowiz ประโยชน์ นำโปรแกรม Cargowizเข้ามาช่วย ในการแก้ปัญหาในการจัดเรียงสินค้า ทราบได้ว่าต้องจัดเรียงสินค้าเข้าตู้ใน. Download CargoWiz 15.01.02 + Crack Keygen PATCH. Download CargoWiz for Windows to make a compact 3D load plan for your cargo to be placed in a truck or container.


'Will your cargo fit? How to fit? How much space 3D? Load Planner.' Editor: CargoWiz loads to be shipped in trucks or containers are an economical load plan generator. The answers to these questions? Patients my Cargo Fit? And? Ow much does it take place? Be shared with others and creates a beautiful 3D load plans. As the world's very easy to learn and use any such products.

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CargowizDownloadCargowiz download

Lyra Software presents the easy-to-use, affordable, shipping logistics software for creating compact load plans CargoWiz, created by our partners Softtruck. CargoWiz is designed for rectangular shipping items, loading pallets, crates, cartons etc. into vehicles, trucks or containers.

Here are some of the main features of CargoWiz:


Cargowiz free. download full

  • Easy Import of data from Excel, Access, etc.

  • The easiest to learn of any similar product.

  • CargoWiz remembers the sizes of your trucks and cargo items – no need to re-enter for each truck/container load.

  • Cargo items may be grouped, as a distributor may want for stop-offs, or cargo may be given a loading priority.

  • Permissible stacking levels can be specified for each type of item to be loaded in the truck or container.

  • Calculates axle weights, center of gravity and allows user shifting of load.

  • Prints graphic load plan with a detailed list for each truck or container load plan - Both 2D and 3D

  • Send the graphic load plan to others via email.

  • Metric or English units with On-The-Fly change between them and accurate number conversion.

  • A load planner for manufacturers, freight forwarders, consolidators etc.

  • Free Trial Download - fully functional loading software

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More iformation concerning CargoWiz you may find on Softtruck website.
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