Ccri Drivers Ed Schedule 2014

Driver Ed Instructor Resources Working at CCRI. CCRI Final Roster. Bi-Weekly Time Card. Classroom Resources. RI DMV Driver’s Manual. Texting and driving a societal problem. Teen Driver Source. RIAJ End Distracted Driving Campaign. Your Driving Costs - Brochure. Video Resources. Do you use your phone while you drive? If you have been ordered to complete an Alcohol Education Program you must register for the program at the Driver Retraining Office. You cannot register for the program at CCRI. The Driver Retraining Office is located inside the Adjudication Office of the Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles, 600 New London Avenue, Cranston, RI 02920.

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Turning your teen into a safe driver is a complex task. Part of the process involves learning the rules of the road and how to safely operate a vehicle – two big areas where professional driver education and training can help tremendously.

Quality driver education provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that can help mold a safe driver. It can also help preserve your relationship with your teen, as even very skilled and safety-conscious parents might not have the time or temperament to be the best teacher.

Ccri Drivers Ed Schedule 2014

In Rhode Island teens are required to take driver education through a licensed driving school or secondary school.

Choosing a Quality Driving School


When the time comes to pick a driving school, look beyond your budget and timeframe to seek out a quality driving school—one that focuses on your teen’s safety, not just passing the license test at the cheapest price.


Ccri Drivers Ed Schedule 2014 Calendar

Ccri Drivers Ed Schedule 2014
  • Ask around. Does your local high school offer driver education? Check with friends and neighbors about driving schools they’ve used.
  • Call several driving schools. Ask questions about the quality of their operations, and ask for references.
  • Talk to people about classroom vs. online classes.
  • Visit several driving schools. Ask to sit in on a session, take a look at the vehicles and student materials. Check to see if they use current training materials, have professional instructors and maintain clean classrooms and safe vehicles.
  • Focus on quality. Don’t settle for driving schools that advertise quick or easy programs.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau.

Ccri Drivers Ed Schedule 2014 Football

Quality Driving SchoolsRequirements for Schools Displaying the AAA Symbol
Require instructors to complete ongoing education.Newer, well-maintained driver training cars.
Have reasonable student-teacher ratios.Up-to-date training materials.
Are members of professional associations such as American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association and Driving School Association of the Americas.Professionally trained instructors.
Want, encourage and facilitate parental involvement.A record of good business practices.
Have a solid history of resolving complaints to their customers' satisfaction. Discounts to AAA members.
  • Choosing a Vehicle – How to choose a safe vehicle when the time comes.
  • Teaching Your Teens to Drive – A program that gives parents everything they need to be a good driving coach.
  • Choosing a Driving School – Driver education courses are designed to teach new drivers fundamental skills required to drive a motor vehicle. Tips in this AAA brochure will help you select the best driver training school.
  • Becoming the New Driver in Your Family -This brochure outlines tips and responsibilities of being a safe driver.
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      • Where does the credit come from?

        Your credit will come from a nationally accredited institution in Atlanta, Georgia: Atlanta Country Day School.

      • Will my high school accept the credit?

        Transcripts from Atlanta Country Day School are accepted by public, private, and charter schools across Rhode Island.

      • How much does the transcript cost?

        The transcript is included in the cost of the course. The price of includes an official transcript, as well as a Certificate of Completion for possible insurance discount purposes.

      • How will I receive the credit?

        We'll send you two copies of your transcript with the credit. One will be an unofficial student transcript for you to keep.

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        Once you've finished the course, we cannot issue any refunds.

      • What if I want to change my name or other information on the transcript?

        If you want to change any information on the transcript, you must contact us within 5 business days of completing the course.