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Your browser version is not fully supported, or your browser has Compatibility View turned on. For the best experience please use a modern browser with compatibility. Iliked codename eagle but i couldnt play in multiplayer and it was a bit old nd everything. This game really rox and it works great with my new radeon 8500 - try kazaa.don't wait 2 hours on megagame, wait 20 minutes on kazaa;). This demo is sweet, the full version will be even better.its a mix of medah of honor and gta 3.considering. Download Codename Eagle - Single Player Demo - A first-person shooter that blends historical accuracy with alternate realities and some stealth mechanics.

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Version 1.43 (unofficial)

Dafoosa has created an unofficial patch for Codename Eagle. It removes some limits which is no longer needed on newer hardware, fixes some bugs and adds a feature that enables you to see teammates on the map. It was quickly picked up by the community and is now the version you usually see played online.

Version 1.42

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While 1.41 brought Codename Eagle to a new level, it also introduced
a weird new bug which came to be known as SEB (Spontaneous Explosion Bug) which caused a player to suddenly blow up when shooting at the ground at certain places. The community made a small patch which prevented this bug.
Note: This is an upgrade from 1.41, so you will need to install the 1.41 patch first.

Version 1.41

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Codename eagle demo game

This is a huge patch bringing tons of cool stuff to multiplayer gaming.
Key elements include a new map (Fortress), the chopper, 30 max players, two people in the motorbike, and tons and tons of gameplay balancing changes. Here's the official readme:

Version 1.36

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Codename Eagle Demo

This patch does not introduce any new features, it's a patch containing network enhancements. If you're running Windows 2000, XP or higher and are having trouble, there is a Windows 2000 fix available.
Here's the official readme:

Version 1.33

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Codename Eagle Demolition

The first patch for Codename Eagle, adding plenty of awesomness.
This is what started 'the multiplayer revolution', I guess you could say.
If you're wanting to try out the singleplayer part of Codename Eagle, this is the patch to get. Oh, and make sure you grab the singleplayer fix and follow it's instructions.
Here's the full, official readme: