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This friv 2019 games is for professional fighters! There is no place in here for the weak. You will be addicted to this game which you can play either solo or with a friend. If you are ready to play 'Combat Tournament Legends' have a seat and enjoy the fights. Click the 'PLAY' button to reach the main menu. Play the original unhacked Combat Tournament Legends at Arcade Prehacks. It's time for a combat tournament of epic proportions! Unleash dozens of combos against up to six enemies in a single arena! Move/Escape Combos: Arrow Keys Jump: Space Attack: A Special Attack: S.

Press 1 Toggle P1's Health - 2 Toggle P1's Special - 3 Toggle P2's Health - 4 Toggle P2's Special
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Good news to the people who still playing this game!!!! I read all the comments and understand every single one of them. I Am making Combat Tournament: legends!, it basicly a better version of part 1(NOT PART 2). Also I thank all of you for commenting and telling me my fails/flaws/bugs on this game. So I improve it on Combat Tournament. Combat Tournament Legends Unblocked is an enjoyable fighting game and has unique graphics. It is developed by Ongokiller50 and is best for professional fighters. No matter you are playing it alone, or with friends, you will get addicted to it. It is a great game to be played in your leisure time when you get bored and have nothing to do.

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Combat Tournament Legends is the interesting fighting game, which is actually especially for boys and adult guys. You are the participant of the military fighting. Your main task is to take part into fighting for the saving the state and life. There is a large competition, but the main goal is the peaceful future life. This game helps to develop good mental and logical abilities, because the fighting is the strategy. This game has a good graphics and realistic actions, which is attractive for the players.
You should use the hero for fighting and also level of the complexity. Then you should use the shunts for the moving hero. Tournament
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Cheats: 5 Mil. hp, Lots of Experience points, Mana will jump to max after half way on upgrades.
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Move Space Jump a Attack s Special Attack d Dodge p Pause / Menu

Combat Tournament Legends Game Hacked Hack

Combat Tournament Legends

Combat Tournament Legends Cheats

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Epic, dynamic and spectacular, the game Combat Tournament Legends will make you see the other side of the adorable 'stickman'. In this fighting game they are here to battle, to perform combos and win each fight! The single player campaign features 15 missions and two levels of difficulty. Ideal for training and to unlock all characters in the game. The 2 player mode will allow you to face a friend on the same computer for mind-blowing battles! Fun and entertainment guaranteed!

Combat Legends Tournament 3

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