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Direct plug-in thermostat with 1-pole temperature regulation and 2-pole safety limiter


Cotherm (Megaflo) TSR 11' Immersion Thermostat. Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon; Brand: Cotherm HCO Code: 14D02. Rod Thermostats - TSE/TSR Series The TSE/TSR series of rod thermostats combine both temperature control and high limit cut-out. Control The temperature is set by means of the control knob on top of the cap, and has calibration markings of 1 to 5, with 5 being the maximum. High Limit The high limit cut-out is located next to the control knob,.

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  • Combined control and safety function
  • Over temperature cut out
  • Patented in rod MFS technology for independent non self resetting safety option
  • Direct plug-in to heating element to reduce wiring and mounting costs
  • Factory pre-set fixed temperature for cut-out, OEM adjustable or end-user adjustable control temperature
  • Multiple control knob options
  • Connection for signal lamp

Cotherm Tsr Thermostat Reset

CothermTsrCotherm tsr manual

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The differential expansion of the sensing element causes the opening of a snap-action switch in the thermostat head. In case of abnormal temperature rise, the patented MFS technology in the stem insures double pole safety. The limiter is manually resettable.

SAFETY With almost 70 years of experience, the Cotherm name has become synonymous with guaranteed quality and safety. Our commitment is to develop and produce reliable products for our customers and end users. Read Book Tse Tsr Cotherm TSE TSR TSEU- COTHERM reserves the right to bring any modiļ¬ cations to our products. We manufacture products according to drawings which serve as contractual documents. cotherm thermostat Description. Direct plug-in rod combistat with 1-pole temperature regulation and 2-pole safety limiter.