Csec Physics June 2018 Solutions

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Csec Physics June 2018 Solutions Answer

This is a quick review quiz on all things you need to know about Galileo for your CSEC Physics exams. If you want a quick review before taking the quiz here is a short video about Galileo Galilei. Here’s the Quiz… Continue Reading →

Csec Physics June 2018 Solutions

Csec Physics June 2018 Solutions 5th

Csec physics june 2018 solutions answer

The laws of reflection state that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. It also states that the incident ray, the reflected ray and the normal all lie on the same plane. This simply means that… Continue Reading →

Csec Physics June 2018 Solutions 2019

Eclipses show that light travels in straight lines The first example is a common phenomena present with light; shadows. Whenever an opaque object comes into the path of light, the light rays stop. The light does not move around or through the object…. Continue Reading →

Csec Physics June 2018 Solutions Pdf

Do you see diffraction occurring on an everyday basis? What is more common to see is the effect of light travelling in straight lines. We can tell that this is happening because of the many shadows produced in a room… Continue Reading →

Thomas Young conducted his famous double slit experiment to show that light is a wave. He used light from a single source and allowed it to fall on a screen with two very small holes or slits. This is why… Continue Reading →

Csec physics june 2018 solutions answer

Back in the 17th century, two conflicting sets of information existed about light theory. One set of scientists suggested that light is a wave while another group suggested that light is a particle. Each theory had valid explanations and justified why light showed… Continue Reading →