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The eLicenser Control Center is a utility that allows for managing music software licenses by a variety of manufacturers. Via the eLicenser Control Center licenses can be downloaded and stored on a USB-eLicenser (dongle, license key) or in a Soft-eLicenser (virtual license container on hard disk). Steinberg elicenser unboxing 2018 -new USB ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Wanna see more? Setup Devices in Cubase AI 8 - Yamaha AG03 USB Mixer - Duration: 15:11. Usb Elicenser Emulator Cubase 9 The Steinberg Key is the key to Steinberg's world of professional audio tools. The purchase of this license key is required to run any of the new Steinberg VST instruments released after 1st January 2005, as these products will not contain a USB hardware protection device.

Before you can launch your new Steinberg software, you have to use the Activation Code(s) to activate your Soft-eLicenser online. Proceed as follows

  1. Install your product.
  2. Make sure that your computer has a working Internet connection. This connection is necessary to activate the license because the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) needs to register with our license server.
  3. Make sure that you have the latest version of the eLCC installed. Click here to download.
  4. Keep your Activation Code(s) ready.
  5. Once your software is installed correctly, launch the eLicenser Control Center software found under Start menu / Programs / eLicenser on Windows or in the Applications folder of Mac OS X. Click the 'Enter Activation Code' button to download the license for your Steinberg product to the Soft-eLicenser. To do this, enter the required activation code into the corresponding field. Follow the instructions on screen.
  6. After the activation procedure the new license is displayed in the eLicensers list and your product is ready for use. To activate other licenses, simply repeat the steps listed above.
Cubase usb elicenser emulator windows 10

Please note:
If you own a USB-eLicenser, licenses for Soft-eLicenser products can also be activated on or transferred to a USB-eLicenser. Using this option allows you to work with the Soft-eLicenser based product on a system without an Internet connection.
Simply install the eLCC separately on the Internet computer without installing the complete product. To do this, download the latest installer for Mac OS X and Windows here.
Now, just connect the USB-eLicenser to the computer and start the eLCC. Enter the Activation Code and choose the USB-eLicenser as the target device.

Done! You've provided all information that is relevant for reselling your product.

Your information

The information on the product you are planning to sell:

  • The software already has been registered with a MySteinberg account on
  • It is copy protected by a USB-eLicenser.
  • The USB-eLicenser is holding multiple licenses.

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Required steps before selling

At first it is necessary to separate the license of the program you are planning to sell from the other license(s) on the USB-eLicenser. For this purpose the eLicenser Control Center is providing the possibility to transfer licenses from one USB-eLicenser to another.
You can get empty USB-eLicensers from any Steinberg dealer. Within most European countries USB-eLicensers are also available in our online shop. If you are not resident in the scope of the online shop please contact your local distributor.
For the license transfer you'll need at least two USB-eLicensers (a source and a target key). These are the necessary steps in detail:

  • Please install the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center before you start the transfer!
  • Open the eLicenser Control Center (Windows: Start > Programs > eLicenser, Mac: Applications).
  • Connect both USB-eLicensers. They will be listed in the eLicenser Control Center.
  • Click on the license you want to sell to grab it and drag it to the entry of the other USB-eLicenser while holding down the mouse button.
  • Release the mouse button to start the license transfer.

Once the transfer is completed the new USB-eLicenser should hold the license of the program you are planning to sell. Since the new USB-eLicenser has not been registered you can sell it combined with the corresponding installation disc(s) and manual(s) as unregistered software.
Of course a license can also be transferred directly to a USB-eLicenser provided by the buyer.
In both cases it is not necessary to inform the Steinberg support team. The registration in your MySteinberg account will be updated automatically.

Recommended scope of supply

Cubase Usb Elicenser Emulator Gamepad


Cubase Usb Elicenser Emulator 3.0

A complete offer should include:

Soft Elicenser Download

  • Installation Media
    • If you want to sell a boxed version, make sure to include the original installation disk(s) (CD, DVD).
    • If you want to sell a product you've received as download (for example, via Download Access Code or by purchasing online), you need to provide the buyer with a backup of the installation file on CD, DVD or, for example, on a USB flash drive.
    • In case you don't have a CD, DVD or a downloaded installer, please contact our support team before offering the product for sale.
  • Important: unregistered USB-eLicenser holding the corresponding license!
  • manual(s)
  • original box