Cyberduck Mount Drive

Support for Spectra BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway (Spectra S3) is available with Cyberduck 5, allowing users to move data to tape library storage managed by Spectra S3 interface fast using multiple connections achieving 1000MB/s with a 10GbE network link.

Refer to the wiki for usage instructions.

  • How to mount remote servers on Mac Mountain Duck comes from David Kocher, developer of Cyberduck. Years ago, when I ran an iPod DJ club, I’d use Kocher’s Cyberduck as one of two FTP transfer.
  • Then enter your Box username and password and a new volume will mount in the Finder called /dav. There was just one problem. Uploads were still unreliable in the same way, and I had to force quit mountwebdav in Activity Monitor to kill the stalled progress bar and get my Finder back.
  • This is called “native webdav functionality” and Google Drive does not provide it. There are a few ways you can connect to google drive to webdav. Most all of these include 3rd party applications that you will use to connect or sync to Google Drive by way of API access. Here at, we provide what we call a WebDAV gateway server.
  • WebDAV DropBox: All its Integration information. WebDAV DropBox allows data transfer using either HTTP protocols to synchronize. This also gives free sync with Dropbox cloud, even for semi-restricted networks. This also allows users to back up their data to DropBox via Dropbox WebDAV sync.

Spectra BlackPearl integration with Cyberduck open source tool enables unlimited choice in public cloud storage and private cloud local storage in one platform


I’ve came to the point to edit the fstab but i would like to do it with cyberduck. At the moment the system doesn’t give me the acces to edit etc files. Is there a way to do it by using cyberduck my terminal skills are (verry) limited Thanks!

Cyberduck Mount Driver

BOULDER, Colo.—July 20, 2016— Spectra Logic, the deep storage experts, today announced the certification of the Cyberduck open source client software tool with its BlackPearl™ Deep Storage Gateway. The Cyberduck universal file and object storage management tool combined with Spectra® BlackPearl enables fast file transfers between primary storage, local tape and disk-based private clouds, or to any public cloud provider.

The integration of Cyberduck as a certified BlackPearl client gives users the power of direct drag-and-drop data moves between BlackPearl objects that reside on Spectra’s ArcticBlue™ disk or tape libraries, and multiple online cloud object stores. Using Spectra’s private cloud ecosystem means that infrequently accessed data can be archived to disk or tape for pennies per gigabyte, reducing the storage and recall fees associated with a pure public cloud strategy, now with a simplified and familiar Cyberduck interface.

Cyberduck integration provides the ability to seamlessly and simply move data between previously disparate storage platforms including local file systems, remote FTP systems, and a host of public cloud storage, including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Google Cloud Storage and Drive, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace Cloudfiles and iRODS. Each system can be loaded in its own Cyberduck window and data moved between any of them.

“Cyberduck provides a wonderful interface to remote files using standard and cloud API protocols,” said beta user, Mike Warfe, Assistant Director, University Technology, [U] Tech, Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure, Case Western Reserve University. “The integration with the Spectra Logic BlackPearl has enabled our researchers at Case Western Reserve University to have an additional option for storing their data on-premise, instead of the public cloud. This provides value through leveraging our campus bandwidth, and the university’s cyber infrastructure.”

Cyberduck Mount Drive Software

The new Cyberduck BlackPearl integration simplifies data management. BlackPearl uses internal management policies for different storage devices, enabling the system to write data intelligently to different tape libraries, tape partitions, and nearline and online disk. This management feature, called Advanced Bucket Management (ABM), allows BlackPearl to control where and how data is written.

Cyberduck Mount Drive

Cyberduck version 5.0 is a standalone application for both PC and MAC platforms and can be downloaded directly from the Cyberduck website or Spectra Logic’s Developer page and is free for Spectra customers.

“End users turn to the cloud to capture a backup copy for disaster recovery, or to create genetic diversity in their backup environment where multiple copies of data are preserved on different mediums in separate locations,” said Matt Starr, Spectra Logic’s CTO. “The Cyberduck integration gives customers the ability to move files quickly to a deep storage platform with a tool they are already familiar with, creating a flexible and powerful cloud strategy.”

Learn more about Spectra Logic’s Cyberduck client integration offering in our joint solution brief and video.