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Deckadance 1.14 -. new - New skin 'Hitech'. This skin presents a more structured and clean vision of the Deckadance UI with a touch of 'high technology' DD-25. new - From this version Deckadance has a new edition, 'Deckadance House Edition', the house edition doesn't include the vinyl tracking system DD-26. 6452 downloads: Ean's ' Rapid Track Prep Tool' (KeyBoard Mapping for Traktor) almost 6 years ago: by DJ Techtools: 39 likes, 4 dislikes. As of 1.3x there are 6 changeable user skins. As of version 1.9, the program no longer covers the start bar and the icons resemble those of Apple's Aqua graphics. VST options - Deckadance is designed to work either as a standalone program or as a VSTi 2.4plugin inside VST-supporting software hosts.

Each day there are new tools that make a DJ's work easier, whether for the production and organization tasks in the studio, as well as for what is done live, but few of the alternatives on offer are as powerful and offer so much versatility as Deckadance.

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One of the most complete tools to mix all sorts of music


It's an 'all in one' solution for any DJ, because as well as being able to work on its own, it can also be used as an independent VST instrument and integrates with any sequencer that supports this format, making the recording process of any session a lot easier.

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The program, that can also work as a host for VST effects and instruments, offers compatibility with time-coded vinyl and CD systems, as well as the most popular MIDI controllers, something that will make the user's work much easier, thus allowing him/her to focus on the music instead of how the application works.


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It also includes all sorts of native effects, loop functions, independent tempo and pitch modification, and an integrated sample to be able to shoot our samples during a session.