Doctor Who Series 11 Torrent

The celebrated series reboot marks ten years since its return with a ten episode box set featuring specially selected highlights from the last ten years of New Who for $12.

The reboot of the Doctor Who has become a global phenomenon. Ten years ago, the Doctor’s journey began anew with Russell T Davies and “Rose”. The Time Lord moved into the 21st century, and demanded we look beyond it, too: into our shared history, our future; towards the edge of what’s possible when it comes to adventures and storytelling.

Today, to mark a decade of New Doctor Who, BBC Worldwide is bringing an exclusive ten-episode box set to you as downloadable Bundle.

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Watch Peter Capaldi break down the best of Doctor Who. Then, download or stream the Decade of the Doctor collection, with special video features, for $12. Your journey through time and space starts here.

Doctor who series 11 torrent

And, for Pro users, all video can be streamed. No waiting.

Celebrate a Decade of the Doctor with this exclusive box set.


01 The Decade of Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

02 Rose Preview (Series 1, Episode 1) [Video]

10 Episodes from 2005 – 2014

01 Rose (Series 1, Episode 1) [Video]

02 The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances (Series 1, Episode 9) [Video]

03 The Girl in the Fireplace (Series 2, Episode 4) [Video]

04 Blink (Series 3, Episode 10) [Video]

05 The End of Time (Special 2-Part Episode, 2009) [Video]

06 The Vampires of Venice (Series 5, Episode 6) [Video]

07 The Doctor’s Wife (Series 6, Episode 4) [Video]

08 The Rings of Akhaten (Series 7, Episode 7) [Video]

09 The Day of the Doctor (50th Anniversary Special, 2013) [Video]

Full tv series torrents

10 Listen (Series 8, Episode 4) [Video]

An Introduction to New Who
01 Rose: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

02 The Girl in the Fireplace: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

Doctor Who Series 11 Torrent

Doctor Who Series 11 Torrent

03 Blink: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

Doctor Who Series 1 Torrent

04 The Vampires of Venice: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

05 The Rings of Akhaten: Peter Capaldi Introduction [Video]

Special Features
01 Earth Conquest (TV Movie, 2014) [Video]