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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest USA rom for Super Nintendo (SNES) and play Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest USA on your devices windows pc, mac,ios and android! Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest I think I found a video game Mandela Effect. The subtitle of Donkey Kong Country 2. It was always Diddy Kong's Quest to me, but it's actually Diddy's Kong Quest.

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Diddy's Kong Quest (V1.0) Close. Posted by 2 years ago. If possible, add that rom to the pastebin/ybin in the megathread. Download Donkey Kong Country 2-Diddys Kong Quest1.1 here and Many Other Super Games for Free at and Play on Your Phone, PC or any other device. Enjoy Your Time with Retro Games.

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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Also known as: Super Donkey Kong 2: Dixie to Diddy (JP), Diddy's Kong-Quest (title screen, ROM header)
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: November 21, 1995
Released in US: December 1995
Released in EU: December 1995

This game has unused areas.
This game has hidden development-related text.
This game has unused graphics.
This game has unused music.
This game has unused sounds.
This game has a hidden sound test.
This game has regional differences.
This game has revisional differences.
This game has anti-piracy features.

This game has a bugs page

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest is the second game in the Donkey Kong Country trilogy. This time, it's up to Diddy Kong and his girlfriend Dixie Kong to save Donkey Kong from Kaptain K. Rool.

To do:
Any other revisional differences?
  • 4Unused Enemy Palettes
  • 7Anti-Piracy
    • 7.3RAM Tests
  • 9Regional Differences
  • 10Version Differences

Unused Level

Pro Action Replay code 7E00D300 will load an incomplete version of Web Woods upon entering any level. This version contains several differences from the final one:

  • Diddy and/or Dixie will drop from the top of the map, landing near a DK Barrel.
  • Aside from two nearby Zingers, the level is devoid of any further objects.
  • You cannot enter the cave at the end of the section, as exit data isn't programmed.

However, using PAR code 7E0E1000 for Moonjump (jump at any point and as many times as you want) will enable you to get to the other side of the barrier. There are no other objects in the level, but you can also jump over the cave at what is normally the end of the a bunch of random tiles between there and the rightmost border of the level. (A video can be seen right here.)

  • The entrance. And a DK Barrel!

  • Zingers!

  • The cave can't be entered, but you can see beyond it.

  • The garbled mess beyond the final wall.

Unused Language Option

PAR code 7E061702 enables an option to change the English game text to German...except this doesn't actually work, mainly because the only other language used for the text is French. There's no German text in the European or Japanese versions, either.

Still, there was a German release which, as you may have guessed, uses German text. It also has English as the alternate language option.

Unused Sprites

Diddy and Dixie looking rather sad. Judging from their close proximity in the ROM to the victory sprites, these were likely intended to be used for failing a Bonus Area. Similar animations were used in Donkey Kong Country when failing the various spelling, shell game, and mix-and-match bonus games.

Unused Enemy Palettes


Palette address: 3D6C22 - 3D6C3F

Directly after the red and yellow Zinger palettes is this one. Green Zingers were used in the first Donkey Kong Country, but not here.


  • Red Flotsam

  • Yellow Flotsam

Red palette address:3D6C9A - 3D6CB7
Yellow palette address:3D6CB8 - 3D6CD5

Aside from the blue and green varieties, Flotsam also has red and yellow palettes.


  • Turquoise

  • Purple (blue wings)

  • Purple (green wings)

  • Red

Turquoise palette address:3D6D30 - 3D6D4D
Purple (blue wings) palette address:3D6D4E - 3D6D6B
Purple (green wings) palette address:3D6D6C - 3D6D89
Red palette address:3D6D8A - 3D6DA7

Flitter has four unused palettes, but only uses the blue-with-purple-wings variant in-game.

Unused Music

These tracks are loaded as part of the Crocodile Cacophony music set used in K. Rool Duel and Krocodile Kore. However, a few checks for this set in the code result in them never being played normally.

Death against K. Rool

Diddy wins against K. Rool

Dixie wins against K. Rool

PAR code B883B52C will allow the death music to be played normally in both K. Rool battles, and B8B3090A will allow the victory themes to play in K. Rool Duel. B8B31300 will do the same as the latter for Krocodile Kore, but it will give you a Kremkoin instead of a Hero Coin for beating the battle the first time.

(Note that all codes above are for US v1.0.)

Unused Sounds

Unknown, but it may have been intended for when a Kong is released from a DK Barrel like in the previous entry.

An alternate sound for collecting a banana. This exact sound is used in Donkey Kong Country 3 when collecting a banana bunch.

This sound should be used when the Kongs are transforming inside an Animal Buddy Barrel. It is even called in the game's code, albeit too late, and on the same channel as the sound of the barrel breaking. Thus, it cannot be heard. It can sometimes be heard when performing the Castle Crush glitch.


The game contains a much more thorough set of anti-piracy tests than those seen in earlier SNES titles. Similar programming is also present in Donkey Kong Country 3 and Killer Instinct.

Failing any of the below tests (except the Checksum Verification and Reset Vector Verification) will display the above unauthorized device message on bootup.

Note: The console's RAM is mostly random on boot and can result in a false positive for the Stack Test and RAM Tests. To account for this, an error message will be displayed first:

Behind the scenes, the string A thief! is copied to both $0907 and the beginning of SRAM (battery-backed memory used to hold the save game data).

Ten seconds powered off is necessary for the contents of RAM to decay. If these tests fail again on the second boot (using the string saved in SRAM to determine if it's the second try), then the anti-piracy message is shown. However, if the tests pass, the string Rareware is copied to $0907 instead; if this string is detected at startup, the anti-piracy checks are skipped and the game boots normally.

Boot State Test

Almost immediately after booting, the Emulation Flag and Direct Page register are examined. The console already being in Native Mode and/or the Direct Page register containing a non-zero value fails the test, as these are evidence that another program (e.g., a backup unit menu) was running before the game had a chance to boot.


Stack Test

If the Reset Vector was at the top of the stack, the test fails. Explained in more detail in the next section.

RAM Tests

The beginning of RAM (range $7E0000-7E1FFF) is searched for three types of fingerprints left behind by the unauthorized devices. The two jump tests, along with the stack test mentioned in the previous section, are looking for the various methods that attached hardware can use to switch from its programming to that of the game cartridge.

Jump $4C

Checks for operation $4C????, where ???? is the Reset Vector.

Indirect Jump $6C

Checks for operation $6CFCFF, an indirect jump.

Incrementing RAM Pattern

Checks for the incrementing 32 byte string $60-7F (i.e., 60,61,62 ... 7D,7E,7F). This includes lowercase ASCII characters a-z.

SRAM Size Test

If the game detects 0KB of SRAM, this test is failed. Normally, the cartridge has 2KB of SRAM, but this anti-piracy routine will not be executed if this amount is increased (the typical anti-piracy routine in SNES games).

Checksum Verification

At the beginning of a level, a checksum is run on 544 bytes worth of code and data which includes all of the above tests, the PAL/NTSC region check, and various initialization routines. If the checksum generated doesn't match the hardcoded value it compares against (i.e., the anti-piracy routines were tampered with), RAM address $7E0AFD, which holds the total number of screens in the level, is decremented by one. This punishes the player by causing the screen to stop scrolling just before reaching the goal in a level.

Reset Vector Verification

There are two separate checks which punish the player if it detects that the Reset Vector (boot address) was modified (usually meaning the presence of a cracktro).

  • The first check occurs when switching rooms or finishing a level. If the check fails during the former, the player is booted back to the map. For the latter, the next stage will not be unlocked.
  • Animal Crates will not break open when jumped on if the second check fails.
(Source: BMF54123, gabrielwoj, JLukas)

Build Dates

Present at 3F0000 in all versions of the ROM.

US v1.0DIDDY ASSEMBLY DATE & TIME 22/10/95 @ 1:46
Japan v1.0DIDDY ASSEMBLY DATE & TIME 26/10/95 @ 12:44
Germany v1.0DIDDY ASSEMBLY DATE & TIME 31/10/95 @ 23:03
Japan v1.1DIDDY ASSEMBLY DATE & TIME 08/11/95 @ 16:48
Europe v1.1DIDDY ASSEMBLY DATE & TIME 08/11/95 @ 16:54
Germany v1.1DIDDY ASSEMBLY DATE & TIME 08/11/95 @ 17:00
US v1.1DIDDY ASSEMBLY DATE & TIME 08/11/95 @ 17:06

Regional Differences

Title Screen


Graphical Changes

Quest US

The colors of the buttons on the controllers in the game mode selection screen are region-appropriate. North American SNES controllers have purple and lavender buttons, while the European and Japanese controllers use red, blue, green, and yellow buttons. However, the controller in the 'Cheat Mode' option retains the latter set of colors in the American version, which was probably an oversight.


The aforementioned controller change appears in the Monkey Museum. An additional shadow can be seen on the controller in the Japanese and European versions as well.


In the Japanese and European versions, some background details of K. Rool Duel are different - most notably, the door appears to have a large hole blown through it. The controller's buttons were changed here as well.

Kong Kollege Game Save Price


In the Japanese version, saving at the same Kong Kollege again costs one Banana Coin instead of two.

Version Differences

Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy's Kong Quest Rom Coms

Music Test

In the SNES version, select an empty file, then press Down, Down, Down, Down, Down when Two-Player Contest is highlighted. The menu will scroll down to the new option, where you can press Left or Right to select the music.

In the GBA version, enter ONETIME in the Cheat menu inside the Option screen to access the Music Test.

Note that some music tracks cannot be heard in the music test for the SNES version, but they are available in the music test for the GBA version. Also, the GBA version has several new tracks that are not found in the SNES version at all. Second note, the SNES music track 'Rescue Kong' is not used in the GBA version, instead a modified version of the same track is used, called 'K. Rool 2'. Most of the titles of the GBA tracks are from the SNES version's official soundtrack, although the track 'Stickerbush Symphony' is renamed 'Stickerbrush Symphony.'

Music Title (SNES)Music Title (GBA)Music Title (SNES)Music Title (GBA)Music Title (SNES)Music Title (GBA)
Island MapWelcome to Crocodile IsleMain ThemeK. Rool ReturnsSwampBayou Boogie
SwankySwanky's SwingEnchanted WoodForest InterludeShip DeckKlomp's Romp
MineKannon's KlaimFunkyFunky the Main MonkeyBramblesStickerbrush Symphony
KlubbaKlubba's ReveilleWasp HiveFlight of the ZingerWrinklySchool House Harmony
LavaHot-Head BopRoller CoasterDisco TrainBonusToken Tango
Ship HoldLockjaw's SagaFanfareOpening FanfareShip Deck 2Snakey Chantey
Rescue KongK. Rool 2Game OverGame OverBig BossBoss Bossa Nova
CastleKrook's MarchHauntedHaunted ChaseSelectSteel Drum Rhumba
CrankyCranky's CongaIceIn a Snowbound LandJunglePrimal Rave
Lost WorldLost World AnthemRiggingJib JigCreditsDonkey Kong Rescued
KroolCrocodile CacophonyN/ADixie GuitarN/ADiddy Boom Box
N/AExpresso RacingN/ABonus LoseN/ABonus Win
N/ADixie DefeatedN/ADiddy DefeatedN/AIntro Story
N/AKrockshipN/ARun, Rambi! Run!N/ABad Bird Rag
N/ALevel CompleteN/AExpresso VictoryN/AExpresso Fail
N/AFunky Mission CompleteN/AFunky Mission FailN/AFunky's Flights

Version 1.0

To do:
Any other known changes?
  • King Zing moves slower.
  • It's possible to crash the game in Kreepy Krow by hitting Krow while he's moving up to the next level.
  • The timer on the moving barrel can be disabled by getting hit by an enemy exactly as the timer hits zero. You can then move to the left and scroll out of bounds which causes you to warp over to the other side of the level.
  • The timed, blasting barrels in Klobber Karnage rotate automatically (as opposed to only doing so when the player moves the D-Pad), making the stage noticeably more difficult to complete.
Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddy
(Source: DKC Speedrunning)

Virtual Console Changes

The Virtual Console version makes a change to Glimmer's Galleon: In the SNES version, when the Kongs would change direction, Glimmer would turn around to face the screen; during this time, there would be a blinding flash where the entire screen would turn white for one frame. The Virtual Console version removes the flash, reducing the risk of epilepsy.

Donkey Kong Country 2 Emulator

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