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DOWNLOAD APK LINK:- 3Ds GAMES FROM THIS WEBSITE:- My Video:- How To Download 3ds Games On. First version of TronDS a Nintendo 3DS Emulator, It's very simple and is only capable of running homebrews.It currently supports: ARM9/ARM11 interpreter for the 3DS appcore – the processor core dedicated to running user applications.

Are you the kind of person who still loves Super Mario, Ice Climber and Top Gun? Are you that kind of gamer who is always on top of everything about gaming? Then get ready to be excited about this article here. It has everything you need to know about Nintendo 3Ds emulator. Let’s get into it then.

Nintendo 3Ds is the handheld gaming console officially unveiled by Nintendo on June 15, 2010. It offers a variety of new features which allows the user to download and play games released in the older video gaming systems. It also has many preloaded applications like the Nintendo store. It was released in Japan for the first time on February 26, 2011. Nintendo was not gaining a great success then. But with efforts, it kept developing. As a result, it got popular day by day due to its appreciable performance and enhanced features, which made it stand out from among all its competitors in the market.

Nintendo 3Ds emulator is used for playing the Nintendo games on PC, iOS and Android. Even if you don’t own a console, you can smoothly play these games using this emulator on your various devices, no matter the platform and we will tell you how. This option is more viable as it can give the nostalgia of our childhood games with no or a fraction of the cost. Another great thing about this emulator is that you only need to own just one emulator and you can run it independent of the platform, i.e., in Windows or iOS or Android, it’s your choice. Excited? If you are, let’s get downloading as soon as we see what is a Nintendo 3Ds emulator.


  • Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulators for PC, Android & iPhone
    • Download Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For Android
    • Download Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For Windows PC (Versions 7/8/8.1/10)

What is a Nintendo 3Ds emulator?

As seen above, Nintendo took its time to survive and later thrive in the market. This is because they worked hard to make it the best console available in the market. By adding extra features and preloaded applications, it soon rose to the top with a very large fan base. One big contribution to this popularity was the introduction of the platform-independent Nintendo 3Ds emulator which worked on Windows, iOS and Android. Nintendo emulators are a graphical system which allows you to play Nintendo 3Ds games on your computer or phone without a console. With this emulator, you can have full control over a lot of Nintendo games and is also very helpful for gaming developers. The following are some of the features that we think one should know before downloading the emulator.

  1. The come with preloaded games so that you don’t have to buy additional games to play on the emulator.
  2. It is actually very simple to access, play, save and load the games in the Nintendo 3Ds emulator. It’s is rather hassle-free, no kidding.
  3. Another pro is that it has an inbuilt graphics card so you don’t have to buy one separately. Pretty cool, right.
  4. It supports multiplayer gaming, so you can game on with your buddies too.
  5. The emulator offers high resolution and hence is a treat for the eyes of the users who are used to the low graphics version.
  6. You can switch between portrait and landscape modes by just using the screen auto rotate option.

Nintendo 3ds Apk Emulator Download

Can’t wait to try out the emulator? Then follow the directions given below depending on your device and OS.

Download Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For Android

Follow these steps to download and enjoy the Nintendo 3Ds emulator on your Android device.

  1. Download the 3Ds emulator.apk.file to begin with.
  2. When you are done with the above download, open the folder and click on the 3Ds emulator and Android APK file.
  3. Now, follow this path as given below:
    1. Open the Settings option.
    2. Select the Security option and open it.
    3. You will see Apps Management. Open it.
    4. In the Apps Management, enable the ‘Unknown sources’ Option.
  1. Now, you will be able to see an ‘Install’ button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on it. Don’t worry if it takes a few minutes. It is really common. Now we wait.
  2. Once it’s done, open the folder and start gaming on your Android device. Enjoy!

Best 3Ds Nintendo Emulators For Android

  1. Drastic DS Emulator

    Considered the most stable emulator as of now, it pretty much played most games except a few that didn’t work so well. It includes controller customisation, screen layout customization and support of hardware and software controllers, Google drive support etc. Though the price is a bit too much, it is worthy of it.

  2. nds4droid

    This is a very fast emulator for Android and lets you play your favourite Nintendo games on your Android device. It can run almost all games and also support external wireless controllers. It has all the functionality like gyro and tilt work.

  3. RetroArch

    This emulator is a bit more complicated than the other emulators. It is open sourced and free. It includes system availability such as SNES, Nintendo DS, Game Boy etc. It is a very good emulator with some minor issues which are rather negligible.

Download Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For Windows PC (Versions 7/8/8.1/10)

Are you the kind of person who enjoys playing games on the comfortable screens of your laptops or PCs? Then this one is for you. Follow these steps for a wonderful Nintendo experience on your Windows device. Note that your Windows version must be 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 for these steps to work.

Also, you must have Bluestacks, a very popular Android emulator, for using the Nintendo 3Ds emulator on your PC. Now, let’s get into the steps.

  1. Download the Bluestacks.exe file on to your PC.
  2. After the download, install it on your PC. The process is just like how you usually install software on your PC. Do that.
  3. After you have installed it, log in to it using the same Google ID you use in your play store to download its Android Apps.
  4. Now, download the 3Ds emulator APK file on to your computer.
  5. Open the APK file with Bluestacks. Do this by right-clicking on the file and choosing Bluestacks option to open the APK.
  6. Now, install the specific app that you need in the Bluestack and run the app in Bluestack itself.

Download Nintendo 3ds Emulator Apk File

If all the above steps are rightly executed, you will be able to run the 3Ds emulator on your PC or laptop. Now enjoy the various 3D games on your big screen at your own comfort.

3ds emulator download

Best 3Ds Nintendo Emulators For PC

  1. Citra 3Ds Emulator

    This very popular emulator is open sourced and supports Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is currently the most reliable way to emulate Nintendo 3Ds on the computer. There are some issues with the stability that are being fixed and you will not be able to access all the Nintendo features either. But kit offers maximum features possible.

  2. 3DMOO

    Another open source 3Ds emulator developed by experienced DS developers team, it was developed after the launch of Citra. It is not available for download currently but its source code and files are available on Github. It is supported on both Windows and Linux but not on MacOS.

  3. NeonDS

    This Nintendo 3Ds emulator runs on any platforms of Windows and works well on some commercial games as well. It is very compatible and a good one. You can download it for free from the website.

Download Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For iOS

Nintendo 3ds Emulator Android Apk

Follow the steps given below to download the emulator on your iOS device. These steps hold for all iPhone versions like iPhone 7, iPhone 5S, iPad, iPad Mini etc. Let’s begin.

  1. Begin by downloading 3Ds emulator iOS file on to your iOS device.
  2. Once you have these downloaded files, tap on the file of 3Ds emulator.
  3. You will see an ‘Install’ button. Click on it to install.
  4. Now, open the ‘General’ option. In that, open the ‘Profile’ option. Here, you will find the ‘Device Management’ option. Open it and find the 3Ds emulator file. Now, click on the ‘trust’ option of the 3Ds emulator file.
  5. You will see that the download process ends as soon as you tap on the ‘trust’ option. Easy as that.

3ds Emulator Apk Download

Now enjoy the Nintendo 3D games on your iOS device.

3ds Emulator Apk Free Download

Conclusion – Nintendo 3Ds Emulator

Download Emulator Nintendo 3ds + Bios Apk

Though the perfect emulator for Nintendo 3Ds isn’t available yet, Citra comes close and is also being continually developed by the developers. Using these Nintendo 3Ds emulators, you can play Nintendo 3Ds games on your own PC, Android or iPhone without having to buy a pricey console. It’s cheap and it’s gaming. What more do we need? Hope the article was clear and to the point and helped you to know about your favourite Nintendo 3Ds emulators and how to download them. Now go download some and enjoy. Game on!