Free Surfboard Design Software

IShaper is a project I've been working on in my spare time as a free tool for the surfboard builder community. I've been shaping boards for 15+ years and had a super frustrating experience one evening trying to help a friend wrangle an existing CNC surfboard design software to print their template correctly. Cutting path micro-adjustments with sub-millimeter accuracy all across the board - tested with our new software simulator to less than.5 mm on noses and tails and.25 mm on other parts of the board. Thousands of simulations have been run on different board designs and cut parameter combinations; Improved tooltips in Machine Parameters Panel. Precision Shaper / Designer free 3D surfboard design software. I Go over how to download pictures using Google Chrome's development tools. Use those images as reference to create a surfboard design, from start to finish, similar to Hayden Shapes Psychedelic Germ.

  1. Free Surfboard Design Software For Beginners
  2. Surfboard Design Software Free


$9 / month

The backyarder is our basic plan that lets you design and save surfboards.

  • Open, edit, and save boards
  • Print PDFs to send to friends/customers
  • Look things over in the 3D shaping bay
  • Get cuts from your local factory

Up and Comer

$23 / month

Free Surfboard Design Software

The up-and-comer plan adds in a number of powerful design, analytical, automation, and organization features.

  • Automated scaling / rocker adjustments tools to manage your growing collection of designs
  • PDF format of outlines, rocker and slices for easy printing
  • Width and thickness measurements at the foot marks
  • Thickness measurements on the rails
  • View volume distribution
  • Board Manager for easy file management
  • Import boards from Shape3DX (.s3dx, .s3d) and DSD (.srf)
Free Surfboard Design Software


$45 / month

The heavyweight plan includes everything in the up-and-comer plan and also allows you to:

Free Surfboard Design Software
  • Export your designs in OBJ format
  • Secure your designs with BRX, our password protected file format
  • Preview cutting paths within AkuShaper software to identify cutting issues without having to waste a blank


Lifetime License $500 - included with board core systems

The Precision Shaper System have a homogenous software program, “Precision Shaper Design' or PSD. Our software is the most user-friendly available in the market, and designed specifically for our machines. PSD offers a fast and simple way to get you from design inception to near finished shaped boards. We developed PSD not only as a design software for shapers, but we also focused on features that ensure quality accurate mills. PSD offers four tool paths options which empowers its users with freedom and flexibility. The Precision Shaper Design 3D can run any 3-4-axis machine. Experienced surfboard shapers, designers, machine operators, and expert developers created this amazing software package. Coded and maintained in-house to provide you ease of mind, excellent support and the perfect union between man and machine. Each Precision Shaper System (Versions 1-88) comes with a single lifetime license.

PSD-3D software licensing

system requirements: windows based OS XP, 7, 10 with .net framework and direct X 10 installed.

system requirements: windows based OS XP, 7, 10 with .net framework and direct X 10 installed.

PS-Hot Wire CAM Software

Lifetime License $300 - included with PS-HW systems

Designed to be used with our hot wire CNC machines. Like all of our software, ease of use, seamless integration and accurate results are its core fundamentals. PSD-3D designs can be imported and allocated with single or multiple profiles and outlines creating amazing results. An unprecedented advantage providing full control of blank outlines and profiles. Combined with our PS-HW CNC machine, it is an unrivaled advantage to any company looking to control blank production. PS-HW CAM is included with each PS-Hot wire CNC system.


Free Surfboard Design Software For Beginners

Lifetime License $300

Precision Shaper Cut 2D provides the ability to route geometric shapes, PSD-3D outlines and profiles. Making core stringers are simple and the ability to nest multiple shapes provides efficiency. Custom cutter size, pass depth and tab size and number are useful features in the PS-Cut 2D software package.


Surfboard Design Software Free

Shape 3D is used around the world and is a staple feature rich Cad software designed for the board sport industries. S3D works perfect with all Precision Shaper Systems.