Hello Inspector Serial

Ravi Kishan starred Hello Inspector TV Serial was premiered on DD Metro on 24th April 2002. This superhit suspense thriller series was produced by Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Limited (SABTNL), which was directed by Heeren Adhikari.


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As a final attempt to revive DD Metro in 2002, Hello Inspector serial was action packed and good-in-parts series. There was lots of drama, cliffhanger situations and rousing suspense in some episodes while most others fall flat on the face. This high-decibel series was one of the finest attempt to keep viewers on the edge of their seats day after day to watch a thriller, as it was aired from every Tuesday to Saturday. Hello Inspector was first show from SABTNL stable which completed 100 Episodes on DD Metro, Kuntee was second. According to AC Nielsen’s TAM data, Hello Inspector had constantly been one of the top five programs on the channel on the ratings charts.

Hello Inspector Serial

Ravi Kishan got popularity for his role as Inspector Vijay in this TV serial, although he was also featured in The Trap, but didnt get recognition for that. Later Ravi Kishan got Lead role in DD National’s Hawayein TV serial with Malini Kapoor. Later this TV Serial was also aired on Sri Adhikari Brother’s Dillagi TV Channel as Daroga Babu in year 2014.

Hello Inspector was an Indian suspense thriller TV serial starring Ravi Kishan that aired on DD Metro in 2002. The series was produced by Sri Adhikari Brothers Television Network Limited (SABTNL) and was directed by Heeren Adhikari.[1][2]

Ravi Kishan plays the main role of Inspector Vijay, who solves crimes, usually over two episodes. The show was a daily, broadcast on from Tuesday to Saturday at 8PM.[3]



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