Hp Scanjet 5370c Windows 7

Hp scanjet 5470c windows 7

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HP Scanjet 5370C Series Scanners - Installing and Using the Active Transparency Adapter (XPA)


The Use Transparency Adapter option lets you scan from the connected Active Transparency Adapter (XPA) instead of scanning from the scanner bed. See the following for instructions on how to install the Active XPA, as well as how to scan general 5x5 inch transparencies and 35-mm slides.

Hp Scanjet 5370c Manual

NOTE: When Use Transparency Adapter is checked in the Tools menu, the Active XPA icon appears in the status bar, but only if the Active XPA is connected.

If the menu item is dimmed, shut down HP Precisionscan Pro, connect the Active XPA to the back of the scanner, and restart HP Precisionscan Pro.

Installing the Active XPA

Plug the Active XPA connector into the back of the scanner.

Figure 1: Plugging in the Active XPA connector

Scanning general transparencies

Hp Scanjet 5370c Windows 7

1.Place the large template on the scanner bed.

Step 1: Placing the large template on the scanner

2.For scanning general transparencies up to 12.7 x 12.7 centimeters (5 x 5 inches), position the transparency in the large cutout area in the middle of the template.

Step 2: Positioning the transparency

3.Place the Active XPA over the transparency. Align it to fit in the corner cutouts on the large template.

Step 3: Aligning the Active XPA

4. Check the Use Transparency Adapter option in the HP scanning software.

NOTE: The Use Transparency Adapter option is under the Tools menu in HP Precisionscan Pro.

5. Scan as you normally would.

Scanning 35-mm slides

Install the Active XPA:

Hp Scanjet 5370c Driver Windows 7

1.Place the small template in the cutout area of the large template.

Step 1: Placing the small template in cutout area