Ideaworks Wifi Antenna

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Ideaworks Wifi Antenna

A connection to the Internet is one of the most important ingredients of our everyday life nowadays. There is hardly anyone who does not depend on the Internet to carry out most of their socializing, learning and getting the daily dose of entertainment. Internet will always work well when you are in the coverage area. The strength, however, starts weakening when you move further away from the WiFi router. The users of the wireless internet are required to have minimum movement to avoid interrupting their connections. The long-range WiFi antennas have come to the users rescue for they can boost your signals to several miles. These antennas are affordable and this technology can withstand rain and wind.

Ideaworks Wifi Antenna

It is crucial to know the antenna types before you buy. Different antennas vary in speed, range, and power. Here below is an easy and nice explanation on the type of long-range WiFi antennas. This should help you pinpoint your exact requirement before you proceed on to decide the product which you want to purchase.

Ideaworks Long-Range WiFi USB Tower Antenna: Connect to hot spots up to half a mile away; Ideal for travel or everyday use; Extend and strengthen your WiFi reception; Powerful suction cups attach the USB antenna to a window; Includes 10' USB cable and removable stand; Mac and Windows compatible software included; Model: RET7183; Height: 13' Width: 2.25'. The 2.4Ghz grid antenna is compatible with Wi-Fi standards 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n for fast data transfers up to 150 Mbps, and the 5GHz version uses the 802.11n/a/ac/ac2 standards with speeds up to 1.3 GBPS, and that parabolic grid is made of powder-coated cast aluminum, which makes it extraordinarily weather resistant. Ideaworks Wifi Antenna. Can i use a smart phone 2 download app 2 use Wi-Fi antenna?

Our team has tried to come up with reviews of some of the best long range wifi antennas to keep you connected wherever you are and widening your area of movement without risking poor or lack of connectivity. Let’s proceed on towards the reviews of the best antennas you can buy for long range WiFi coverage.

The Best Long Range WiFi Antennas Reviewed

Ideaworks Wifi Antenna Software Download

Antenna World G2424

The antenna is equipped with a long and narrow beam that helps 24Bi of gain and an added range of 8 miles. It also has a 2.4 GHz grid antenna that is compatible with Wi-Fi standards 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11b for transferring data for 150 Mbps. While it’s resistant to harsh weather due to the aluminum powder coated parabolic grid. It has a 14-inch horn arm and you can mount it on anything. The U-bolt mounting system makes it easy for the user to adjust the antennas angle. It can work to a range of up to 10 miles but this is dependent on some variables such as device power, cable losses, obstructions, height, and terrain. Antenna World G2424 is easy to use, powerful and it comes at an affordable price.

Turbotenna High Power USB-Yagi

This is a plug and play directional Wi-Fi antenna that is perfect for receiving and sending long-range signals at an approximately 2.5-mile range. It comes with a great tripod mount and thus you can use it irrespective of where you place it. It is an ideal antenna for accessing public Wi-Fi networks that are a little far away from you. You can, therefore, catch a signal from a distance when camping and backpacking provided you have the antennas laptop. It will give you a speed of 300 Mbps. It is an excellent network bridge and optimized for signal repeating. The disadvantage of this antenna is that it is can send data much better than how you can receive it, has a high power consumption and the laptop need to have a PC or a laptop to operate.

Tupavco TP513 Yagi WiFi Antenna


This Wi-Fi antenna is among the best of the Yagi design. The antenna gives your Wi-Fi network long-range support without any problems. The range of Tupavco TP513 Yagi Wi-Fi antenna is outstanding. With the antenna, you can access the data from 500 feet from the network system. The antenna is supposed to be plugged into the Wi-Fi router to substantially increase the range in a specific direction. It is the best long-range Wi-Fi antenna for supplementing outdoor Wi-Fi setups. The antenna is durable, has several beam widths, has a directional signal of 25 degrees and the reception area adjacent to the antenna directly and all this makes it outstanding. On the negative side, it is difficult to mount, it is not portable and it is not a USB.

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TP-Link EAP110

Ideaworks Wifi Antenna

Some people may be fooled by the fact that this antenna is not as big as the G2424 but its ability to transfer data is awesome. The antenna features omnidirectional antennas, two detachable 5dBi, 2×2 MIMO technology, and 300Mbps enabling the antenna to cover 360 degrees fully and impressively. This antenna is made with a simple but powerful escalating design that makes it among the perfect antennas to use outdoors.

The users use the free Auranet that comes along with the antenna to manage different EAPs easily. It is also IP65-Rated and thus it can withstand any weather condition irrespective of how harsh it is. The Wi-Fi antenna can be able to provide a stable data coverage up to 200 meters due to the dual antennas. The user can, therefore, be able to serve comfortably when in the gardens or at the pool. The antenna also has a PoE support meaning that one cable can provide both electric power and data connection to the device. It is ideal for people who want a discrete Wi-Fi antenna.

Alfa 2000mw

Get to enjoy the greatness of this Wi-Fi antenna at a competitive price. It supports the encryption of wireless data with the AES, TKIP, 64/128-bit WEP, WPA2 and WPA functions. The antenna can transfer data with a speed of up to 150 Mbps. While ease of portability also makes it a good choice for a Wifi Adapter for Gamers. It is quite easy to set up the perfect device for scanning networks that are available and also saving some of the networks that the user connects to regularly. The security features of this antenna are fantastic and they can cover a range of 100 feet. It also comes with 5M USC cable which is rare to find in other wifi antennas.

Ideaworks 72-6612

This USB powered long-range WiFi antenna is able to perform under harshest of outdoor conditions and offers connectivity from hotspots which can be as far as half a mile away. It comes with a USB cable which is 24 foot in length, thus giving you the flexibility of installing the antenna in the right spot outside your home. The only minor drawback with this antenna is its installation is not as simple as you would expect. The CD that comes along with it can be slightly hard to navigate through, but once you figure your way out, it can be quite a performer. However, this unit is only compatible with PC’s and definitely not a choice if you are on a different system.

Ideaworks Wifi Antenna

CC Vector Long Range WiFi Repeater System

The CC Vector enables you to access a public WiFi hotspot or access point from a distance of 3 miles, and then the wireless repeating system distributes this WIFI signal in your home, like a standard WIFI router. However, this unit is designed to be used on fixed installations like a building and is not recommended for using on mobile platforms like an RV. We will be reviewing a mobile option for RV’s at the end of this article.
The 3-mile range here should be taken with a grain of salt as its only viable in the most ideal of conditions. The unit comes with a 30 feet long USB cable, to allow the ease of installation and placement.
CC Vector is one of the costliest antennas we have reviewed in this article, however its features kind of makeup for the price.

Best long Range WIFI Antenna for RV’s, Boats, and Motorhomes

If you love camping or that’s your only way of living, then you’ll be interested in our list of the top long-range wifi antennas for your mobile home. These antennas are designed to be used with mobile homes and to be weatherproof to provide you with extended connectivity, without needing to be too close to the source of the signals.

CC Vector RV WiFi Repeater System

The CC Vector RV antenna can connect to a WIFI source about 400 ft away and propagates the signals around your RV or Motorhome.
It is designed to be completely weatherproof and is able to receive signals from all directions. Comes with a 30 ft USB cable, to help you with ease of placement and connectivity. This system is proven to connect easily to a source that is 1 mile away, provided there are no obstructions in between. It also works with all Windows, Android, Apple, and Smart TV device. While you can also connect additional computers or routers through the two ethernet jacks.
The device is easy to install and setup for basic computer users and is able to support two users watching Netflix at the standard quality or several users browsing the Internet.

Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor RV & Marine High Power USB Wi-Fi Extender Antenna for PCs

Bearifi BearExtender is a cost-effective solution for improving your reception of Wifi for a single computer. It only provides coverage to the computer it is connected by the USB cable, thus acting more like you inbuilt Wifi card, except with 2 -4 times the range of reception when placed at the desktop level. While you can extend range by placing it higher.
It is also a directional antenna and hence boosts reception from only the direction it is pointing to. While it’s easy to mount and comes with versatile quick mounting options without the need to drill. The device is also IP65 certified and hence both water and dist resistant.
However, it’s designed to work only with Pc based Windows systems.


Ideaworks Wifi Antenna

Ideaworks Wifi Antenna Installation

The bottom line for getting the best Wi-Fi antenna is getting one that is right for your need and comes within your budget. The market is loaded with too many options nowadays and it can be quite a task to filter out a single antenna that works for your exact requirement. Some of the things you need to consider when getting a long-range Wi-Fi antenna are portability, the field of effectiveness, power consumption, and range. We hope the above list of best long-range Wi-Fi antennas has made your search easier. Rest assured that we will be keeping this guide up to date as there are new units getting released with improvements in technology over time.
Happy WIFI signal hunting and boosting 🙂