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Uttaran follows two friends of different economic backgrounds: Tapasya, the child of a wealthy landlord, and Ichcha, a sweet maidservant's daughter. After the girls grow up, Tapasya is said to marry off Veer. Tapasya dislikes him for some reason and ignores him and sets Iccha up with him. Veer falls for Iccha and the two are ought to get married, but circumstances change when a jealous Tapasya asks for Veer on Iccha's wedding day. Iccha unwillingly gives Tapasya her Bridal clothes and tells her to get seated next to Veer. Tapasya and Veer are married off. Veer instantly dislikes Tapasya but his family coaxes him to accept her. Meanwhile, Veer's elder brother Vansh, a drug addict, also falls for Iccha. Tapasya realizes this and wants to get Iccha married off to the addict. Iccha, seeking to move on from Veer, promises to marry Vansh, unknowing that he is Veer's brother. Iccha and Vansh get married after high drama. Tapasya schemes against Iccha and plants doubt in Vansh's mind about Iccha and Veer. Later, Vansh feels guilty for doubting Iccha and with Tapasya's pursuation, kills himself. Iccha is treated harshly as a widow. It is later revealed to the family that Tapasya's persuasion lead to Vansh's drastic step through a video shot by her ex-boyfriend Siddharth during Vansh's death. Tapasya is mercilessly thrown out of the house. Veer marries Iccha, which his mother,Gunwanti doesn't accept very well. Tapasya does some petty job to earn cash and ends up winning a jackpot in poker. During this period, she meets Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore, a top bussinessman and in a drunken state, spends a few days with him and later on cheats him for more money.She is thrown out by Raghuvendra and soon ends up in the very slum in which Iccha grew up. She is forced to work for a living and encounters a lot of problems. She miraculously turns out to be pregnant with Raghuvendra's child in this period though she doesn't disclose the secret of the child to anyone. Later, Tapasya's father takes her back into his house and it is revealed that Tapasya is pregnant. Everybody believes that the child is Veer's. Tapasya is sent back to veer .During this drama Iccha finds out that Veer is impotent and questions Tapasya about the baby. Tapasya also finds out that the baby isn't Veer's, but she threatens Iccha to keep quiet or she would let the entire family know that Veer is impotent. Raghuvendra meanwhile finds out that Tapasya is pregnant and starts meeting and calling her to come to him or he shall reveal to the Bundelas that it is his child and not Veer's. He even comes over to the Bundelas Residence to give an invitation of his marriage with Tapasya at which she is astonished. Tapasya, acts hostile and arrogant with Raghuvendra for this which he brushes off with a smile. But soon he tells the Bundelas that it is his child and his meeting with Tapasya while he comes to the Bundelas to ask for Tapasya's hand. Tapasya argues with Raghuvendra that the baby is Veer's and sends him away. Iccha informs Tapasya about her knowing the father of the child and warns Tapasya to inform the Bundelas before it becomes too late and unable to bear Tapasya threatening her, reveals the fact that Veer is impotent for which she is thrown out of the house. Later, Tapasya delivers a girl. Iccha miraculously also turns out to be pregnant during this period. Destiny plays a game and Tapasya's baby is lost while she is thrown out of the house by Veer and goes in search of Raghuvendra, when the baby is found by Iccha, who has left Veer's house for being distrusted. She names the child Mukta. During this time she meets a 4 year old Kanha, who is the heir of a rich family and whose uncle is set to kill the boy for his property. Tapasya and Raghuvendra, shattered after losing their baby, decide to get married. Iccha comes back to Veer and delivers a boy. Nani, Tapasya's evil grandmother, jealous of Iccha's luck, takes the baby away from the hospital and tell the nurse to inform Iccha and Veer that the baby is dead, which the nurse does for money. Nani takes the baby away and gives it to her son Pushkar and one night when Pushkar goes to dump the baby Tapasya and Raghuvendra find the baby and take it home. She and Raghuvendra name the boy Yuvraj. After 6–8 months, Iccha and Veer plan for another baby. Tapasya's marital life is in danger when her ex-boyfriend turns out to be Raghuvendra's brother, Sid. Sid blackmails Tapasya constantly about telling her involvement in the death of Vansh to Raghuvendra. Tapasya, ever so worried about her past with Sid and Vansh's death to be revealed to Raghuvendra which might strain her relationship with him and their love, plans on leaving the house and so she does. After high drama Iccha's son Yuvraj comes back to her and Tapasya's daughter Mukta goes back to Tapasya's parents. All turns fine and Iccha is said to be pregnant with another child which the family is unaware of. Kanha's uncle, Avinash Chatterjee, attacks Kanha but Iccha protects the boy. On another occasion, Avinash attacks Veer and severely injures him. Iccha sees this and stabs Avinash to his death. Iccha is taken to jail and Veer is said to have lost his memory. Iccha is sentenced to 18 years in jail. Meanwhile Raghuvendra in sadness,leaves the country before meeting his daughter Mukta. Iccha delivers a girl, Meethi who looks exactly like Iccha. Iccha asks her mother, Damini, to give Meethi to Veer. Damini does so accordingly but overhears Gunwanti talking to Yuvraj about how his mother Iccha had left him and gone away. She also keeps cursing Iccha and tells Yuvraj that she would bring him up in a way by which he would not know about his mother.Damini takes Meethi back and doesn't let the Bundelas know about her and takes care of her.

Mukta or Muktha may refer to: Jivanmukta (from Sanskrit मोक्ष moksa, freedom) Entertainment. Mukta (1994 film) (मुक्ता), Marathi film directed by Jabbar Patel; Mukta (TV series) (ಮುಕ್ತ), Kannada-language TV series; People. Muktha also spelt Mukta (1914–2007), singer. Mukta Mukta Kannada Serial Cast; Mukta Mukta Kannada Serial Actors List; Nov 13, 2017 - Hanumantha Gowda (born 9 November 1962),is an actor from Karnataka, India. Reputed for his natural. Later he acted in blockbuster Kannada serial 'Muktha Muktha'. She played an established actress in the Tamil film Pudhumugangal Thevai. Mukta is one of the many fabulous creations of TNS. Written by Venkatesh Murthy and Music by C. Mukta made her television debut with the very desired show, Splitsvilla. The show is an Indian Reality series based on the American dating show, 'Flavor of Love.' The serial has had a total of ten seasons, all of which were broadcasted on MTV India. Mukta Mukta Kannada Serial Characters Produced by Bhoomika Productions, the TV serial has a total number of 552 episodes telecast. It had an enormous drama in the courtroom and every time the character changed according to a different storyline.


18 Years Later

Meethi (a replica of Iccha), Mukta, Yuvraj and Kanha are all grown up. Iccha chooses to stay away from her children but soon meets Yuvraj and Mukta in high drama and imprisons her own son when found to be molesting Mukta. As a result Mukta becomes close to Iccha and also befriends Meethi. But before ,Mukta hears the false story of what happened with her mother through Nani and decides to take revenge for her mother's dissappearance.She starts calling Meethi through an unknown number and tells her that she would reveal the truth about her parents. Meethi not knowing about her father follows Mukta's orders unknowingly. once Meethi ends up getting dashed by a car while crossing the road following Mukta's instructions. Raghuvendra comes out of the car and guesses Meethi to be Iccha's daughter and immedietely admits her in the nearby hospital and contacts Jogi and Iccha as well. Iccha arrives there along with the others and it is found that Meethi is just slightly injured. During this time Raghuvendra chats with Damini and finds that Iccha is in the same state as he is in. Jogi comes over to Raghuvendra and tells him to come home to which Raghuvendra obliges. After reaching the house Jogi reveals the truth of his daughter to which Raghuvendra gets angry for not telling him that his daughter was none other than Mukta and she was in the Thakur house. Jogi calms him down and explains. Mukta comes down at this noise and meets Raghuvendra for the first time. She shouts at him and burts out that he,Raghuvendra had not loved Tapasya nor her. Raghuvendra then decides to track down the culprit behind the calls received by Meethi and finds Mukta in the process. He reveals to her that she had been poisoned by Nani and tells her the truth. After a high drama Mukta accepts Raghuvendra and tells him that she is not angry at him anymore and accepts him with a full heart. She also tells him about her past with Yuvraj. In order to get Iccha back her right, Mukta plans to marry a man double her age and enter into the Bundela house. Mukta meets her mother. With a heavy heart, Tapasya enters the Bundelas house instead of her daughter. After a long tragic 18 years, Ichcha and Veer once again unite. Problems lay ahead, as Tej Singh takes Tapasya as granted. Tapasya gets the property name after her, later giving it to Ichcha and Veer. Meethi meets Avinash's son and gets married. As Mukta and Rathore tried to warn Meethi, Mukta is thrown out of the house. Meethi is lost in Attisgarh, Gujarat. Tapasya finds a CD containing files of the death of Dadaji caused by Tej Singh. Tapasya has a choice of letting her daughter die or handing the CD over to Tej. Eventually, a fight breaks out between Raghuvendra and Tej as Tej Singh is arrested for trying to shoot Mukta in the fight. Tapasya takes the bullet for her and is taken to the hospital where her condition is found to be very critical. Raghuvendra becomes unable to think about anything else but Tapasya. He starts looking for heart donors but is unable to find any. And then another harsh faith meets with Ichcha who meets with an accident. Ichcha after the critical accident donates her heart to Tapasya. The others find it hard to tell Tapasya about Iccha's death as Tapasya keeps asking about her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Meethi feels uncomfortable at her new in-laws. Meethi and Vishnu are in love. Deep down, Vishnu is betraying his parents for Meethi. Meethi also finds a sister in law who is tramautized because of the family. She is the only one who felt sorry and helps Meethi. Meanwhile Tapasya gets to know about Vishnu's betrayal and Iccha's death.She is shattered by the news and does everything to find Meethi. She stands as a tower of strength to the family and once while comforting Damini,hears Surabhi talking on the phone with a person by which she develops doubts on her. Vishnu decides to take Meethi to Mumbai . Vishnu stops at an openfield as he drives to Mumbai. He feels pitiful for Meethi's condition and her faith in him but without a choice decides to avenge his father's death. Vishnu throws a knife at Meethi. Luckily, Meethi doesn't get injured but feels a bit insecure but her suspiscions are cleared when a snake is found to be next to her and the knife next to the snake.Meethi begs for forgiveness for her doubts on him for which Vishnu forgives her. They start walking towards the city due to a damage in the vehicle and end up in a tribal village.

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‘Mukta’ And Her Sister Storms

Here’s what happened when I visited India 6 months back. Entire Karnataka was reeling under a severe ‘mukta’ storm. I dare not call anyone – forget visiting – between 9 and 9:30 on a weeknight. The storm was worse during my visit because it was in it’s ‘almost’ final phase and the judge (Ravi Belagere) was going to spell out his take on whether Madhavi Patel and one other politician (what’s his name, Shivakrishna it ?) were innocent or not. Forget a storm, I thought it was the arrival of praLaya.

Mukta Mukta Serial Full

I get it. I bet ‘mukta’ was a brilliantly directed Kannada serial. If it can capture the attention of the rich and poor alike, then it must be a real good production. I respect the fact that everyone wanted to watch it. Within two days, my wife and I realized that we should not disturb any soul in Karnataka between 9 and 9:30 on weeknights.

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But, the problem was not that. I started to realize that ‘mukta’ had many sister storms – too many, actually. None of the sisters were as beautiful or as ferocious as ‘mukta’, but they were all mighty in their own right. It was quite hard to remember all their names. I mean, come on, how can you expect me to remember ‘’baduku’, ‘naMdagOkula’, ‘guptagAmini’, ‘maneyoMdu mUru bAgilu’, ‘silly lalli’, ‘preeti illada mEle’ etc…etc..etc…

Now I had a real problem. I couldn’t go and visit people at all. There were storms day and night. I thought I was brave enough to tackle the storms. My wife and I visited a few houses when the smaller sister storms showed up. We were in for a lot of surprises. Some of our hosts did not care that we were in their boat. They were mesmerized by the storm. Some of them encouraged us to watch the beauty of the storm and went on to explain the birth of the storm and even predicted the future path. A few others were quite pissed with me talking during the storms and in fact used electronic gadgets and made sure that the sound of the storm was louder.

There was a huge storm on my previous visit as well. That storm breezed from north to south and was named ‘mUDala mane’. I totally agree that people are awed by some gigantic storms. A few here and there are fine. If I lived in Karnataka, I am sure I would be swept away too. But, getting stuck in several different storms day and night is foolishness. And, I definitely didn’t deserve the treatment which I did, courtesy, the sister storms.

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