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If you feel like playing the Pokemon FireRed version was like playing the game for the first time again, then you have millions of avid gamers who will agree!

At this point in the franchise’s evolution, there’s probably nothing that I will say that hasn’t been said and written by others. More than a decade after its introduction, the Pokemon franchise has released numerous sequels and spin-offs – and the videogame entertainment company shows no signs of slowing down either! But that’s not all because the Pokemon franchise continues to maintain its huge popularity despite the nearly unchanging basic formula underlying each version – and that, ladies and gents, is known as staying power.

In a way, such impressive staying power makes Nintendo’s enhanced re-launching of FireRed and LeafGreen a challenge for the company. Keep in mind that the Pokemon series has changed little since its introduction so it makes little to no sense to return to its origins. Think about it: Why would you want to see where you started when you haven’t moved forward in the first place?

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Of course, the re-released Pokemon versions have undergone a few revisions but these are so minor that the overall game doesn’t change in a drastic manner. The most notable difference lies in the enhanced graphics resulting in a more colorful presentation, which veteran gamers immediately notice.

You may be thinking by now that these Pokemon versions are nearly worthless. But this isn’t so. While the reintroduction of the original, if revised in minor ways, Pokemon games is widely viewed as unnecessary, it cannot be denied either that the worldwide phenomenon of the pocket monsters were built on their foundation. This is sufficient reason for updating the original games in the vein of George Lucas enhancing the three original Star Wars films and, thus, keeping it relevant in contemporary times.

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But Game Freak’s enhancements are subtle, which cannot be said of Lucas’ noticeable meddling in his epic space creation. If you have little to no idea about Pokemon because for one reason or another, you have been living under a rock of pop culture ignorance or hiding in cave far away from digital civilization, here are a few things to know. You will also benefit from reading the following sections in case you haven’t played the game in years and you’re playing it again for nostalgia.

In all of the Pokemon games so far, every player’s goal is to become a Pokemon Master or a Pokemon Champion (i.e., the designation changes depending on the game’s version), the world’s greatest trainer. The challenge lies in collecting all the Pokemon characters and, thus, completing the Pokedex; the number of Pokemon in a version can range for151 to as many as 300, even more, which include both wild Pokemon and Pokemon handled by trainers. Also, a player has to beat the Gym Leaders, the trainers of specialist Pokemon; a group of evil creatures (e.g., Team Aqua, Team Rocket); and the Elite Four, a group of the world’s best trainers.

But Game Freak didn’t stop there either – each player must trade with other players so as to complete all the Pokemon on the Pokedex since many can only be captured by trading. Players must also train their team of Pokemon so as to defeat and capture the rest of the pocket monsters. Think of it as a kid-friendly simulator of cock fighting that, in the real world, will have the likes of PETA up in arms faster than you can say, “Pokemon!”

In terms of the gameplay, think of Pokemon as an RPG served in lite doses. At the start of each game, your virtual character will choose one Pokemon among three possible creatures - your starter Pokemon, if you will. You will use your starter Pokemon for your first battle and, in the process, defeat and capture more and more Pokemon resulting in an ever-growing team.

As you win every battle, your Pokemon gain more experience points, enjoy an increase in stats, and learn new abilities - in short, every winning Pokemon can become your strongest weapon in defeating other trainers including the Gym Leaders and Elite Four. Many of your winning Pokemon can even evolve into more powerful creatures and so the cycle goes on.

Pocket monsters are divided into several elemental types, such as grass, fire, water, and lightning. You have to quickly learn effective and efficient battle strategies since each type has its unique strengths and weaknesses. You have to choose, for example, the right Fire Pokemon to fight against a Grass Pokemon or a Water Pokemon against a Fire Pokemon and so on and so forth.

Fortunately, combat is such a simple affair that the gratification comes almost immediately. You don’t have to set up elaborate plans for vanquishing your opponents, in sharp contrast with RPGs with more serious gameplays.

You will not even need to use your Pokemon’s support capabilities and defensive abilities until and unless your Pokemon comes up against a more powerful Pokemon. In most instances, your easiest solution is to apply your Pokemon’s most damaging attacks in vanquishing your rival’s Pokemon.

Indeed, the entire Pokemon concept is relatively simple in comparison with other RPGs in the market. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity because Pokemon training is an addictive affair, surprisingly so, not to mention the fact that the simple setup continues to be entertaining today as it was when it was first released.

What are the updated elements in Pokemon FireRed that will set your gaming experience on fire? For one thing, players can choose between two genders – male and female. Your choice, however, will not affect your game skills at all. Your virtual character will have minor cosmetic changes to reflect your choice between the two genders but that’s about all.

For another thing, players will observe a recap of their previous game when starting it up anew. You have a prompt, so to speak, in remembering the events during your last game, a feature that will be to your advantage when it’s been a while since your last game. While it isn’t a big deal in Pokemon, I’d kill for a similar feature in other RPGs.

Game Freak also included abilities and traits in Pokemon, which were already introduced in prior versions. Abilities are interesting in that these are passive traits with various effects. Examples include an ability that prevents accuracy in damaging offensives for a types of Flying Pokemon and an ability that eliminates negative status effects.

Traits are stat modifiers designed to increase one stat and decrease another stat albeit only slightly. These modifiers work by ensuring that no two Pokemon in the same species are carbon copies of each other as well as encouraging players to trade Pokemon with each other.

Both abilities and traits add a new challenge to the game that you can use to your advantage during battles. Again, effective and efficient strategy born of an intimate knowledge of your Pokemon team members, hours of playing, and common sense, among other factors, is a must for becoming a Pokemon Champion.

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There are two additions that can be used as tutorials. First, the help menu contains a wide range of information including the way the battle system works, the game terms definitions, and the elemental types including their strengths and weaknesses, among others. Be sure to read the elemental types list as memorizing every single one of the hundreds of Pokemon is a daunting task.

Second, the TeachyTV is a set of video tutorials. This is a great function for younger gamers.

The most notable change between the originals and the re-releases is the quality of the graphics. You will still have the isometric viewpoint but with crisper visuals and a full-color palette, which adds to the joy of playing Pokemon. In previous versions, the monochrome color schemes were the main gripe in terms of graphics although the color-coded town names are on the redundant side.

But the battle graphics weren’t updated at all. The same old views from the back of your Pokemon and your opponent’s Pokemon as well as the information panes with the name, health and level are still present. Even the attack animations are still so simple that it’s hard to believe Game Freak hasn’t updated them yet! Usually, every move is accompanied by a movement and a visual effect, such as a Confusion attack resulting in a purple and wavy screen.

Lackluster is the apt term to describe the sound effects in Pokemon FireRed, a common observation being that these were created using SNES technology. Fortunately, the music has an impressive quality with a few pieces being catchy – and annoyingly so.

The verdict: Pokemon has a simple yet compelling approach to RPG that, when combined with the cute characters and their powers, is a siren song for youngsters, the primary target market for the game. But even long-time gamers will find plenty of challenges and joys that continue to call them back to Pokemon, especially when coupled with nostalgia.

Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are the enhanced remakes of Pokemon Monsters Red and Pokemon Monsters green and are designed for the Game Boy Advance video game console. Many of the original Game Boy games are not compatible with Game Boy Advance so all the 151 Pokemon of Game Boy games and some more in later versions are added in this game.

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen are again set in the fictional region of Kanto including eight cities and two towns connected with Routes. Basic goal of the game remains same i.e. to catch and train your Pokemon to become world’s greatest Pokemon trainer.

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My Boy Games Pokemon Fire Red Free Download

Both Pokemon games are largely independent of each other and can be played separately but in order to complete the game of Pokedexes it is necessary for the player to trade between the two games and other advanced titles.

Many new features have been added to this title. “Help” feature which allows player to look up the data at any point of the game. Also when continuing a saved game, the last four significant points are shown to player to make him remember what he or she was doing last. A new item called VS seeker is also added which allows player to re-battle against non-player Pokemon trainers. A new area is also included in the game which is accessible only after meeting certain requirements. Archipelago known as the Sevii Islands is this new area which also includes Hoenn and Johto-related Pokemon, items and events. In this Island Generation II Pokemon can be caught.

VBA Link Advance emulator with multiplayer linking support for trading Pokemons from one rom to another.

Six years after the original Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version, this pair of titles for the Game Boy Advance system introduced Pokémon to a new group of gamers. These titles also shipped with a wireless adapter for Game Boy Advance, making it the first handheld to have such technology.

Get set to return to where it all started—Pokémon FireRed Version and Pokémon LeafGreen Version head back to the Kanto region, the home of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue. Thanks to the capabilities of the Game Boy Advance system, the locales, Pokémon, and animations are greatly improved since the last installment.

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Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen finally unite all the worlds of Pokémon, making it possible to catch and keep every single Pokémon in one game! You'll need a little help from Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Version, as well as Pokémon Stadium, but if it were too easy it wouldn't be fun! To aid in trading Pokémon, Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire come with a device for your Game Boy Advance that lets you trade Pokémon wirelessly. You can also chat or battle without the need for Game Link cables, too!

My Boy Games Pokemon Fire Red Free Download Utorrent

Veterans of Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue will appreciate that all the improvements made since the first visit to the Kanto region are available. Plus, there are different places to explore, most notably the Sevii Islands, where you can catch special Pokémon that don't exist anywhere else in Kanto!