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It is easy to find many people today spending most of the time at the gym trying to loss weight and get fit too. Some give up after a short time because they cannot see any good results with all their effort. People forget about the diet, which has a large influence on the body of a person. It is the reason that you need to find yourself the P90X meal plan today. The plan will help you achieve the right weight if you strictly follow it. Do not worry; it does not come with many awful food types, as we will get to see later on. You will have an easy time following the plan after learning what it has to offer.


P90X supplements such as recovery drink and protein bar – 1 serving each Endurance Maximizer (For Days 57-90) The third phase of this diet and exercise program is designed to make the body fit like an athlete’s by increasing the carbohydrates in the diet. . PHASE III (P90X Endurance Maximizer) – You are to consume complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and low fat food, it is also known as the “athlete’s diet”. It is a way to capitalize on endurance and maintaining a competent physical performance. Phase 3: Endurance Maximizer. This phase kicks in near the tail end of the program and consists of complex carbs, lean proteins and reduced fat. It’s focus is in maximizing the fuel available during the last few weeks of the system, helping you avoid plateaus and get chiseled and toned. The third and final phase, Endurance Maximizer, is an athletic, low fat diet made up of complex carbohydrates and lean protein. This phase of the diet program delivers the fuel your body needs to finish the final few weeks of the P90X® workout.

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Meal Plan

P90x Endurance Maximizer Trainer

Phase 1: Fat Shredder


This phase will be high in protein and fiber. The recipes involved will help fast track your way to achieving a leaner body by shedding the excess body fat.

P90x endurance maximizer reviews

What You Will Need

For the P90X meal plan, consider the following food types for your nutrition

  • Breakfast: mushroom omelet, cottage cheese, protein shake, turkey bacon, fresh squeezed juice, skim milk, spinach scramble, grapefruit
  • Snack: protein bar, recovery drink, string cheese, soy nuts, turkey jerky
  • Lunch: chef salad, chicken salad, vegetable soup, protein powder, cashews, sesame seeds
  • Dinner: salmon, wild rice, protein powder, butternut squash, halibut, pesto sauce, snap peas, swordfish


- From the name, it is easy to know what this phase involves. The phase will get you making better choices when it comes to eating. The phase was designed with the aim to help with shredding the extra layer of fat off the body through a comprehensive diet. The diet, in this case will mostly compromise more of proteins and few carbohydrates and fat.

- At first, you might feel as if it is a punishment, but it is only with time that you will get to appreciate the benefits. The phase will train your body to be able to handle low carb intake and still be able to function fully to your expectations.

The carbs that you use for this phase are low glycemic carbs, which have minimal effect on the levels of blood sugar. So do not go on worrying yourself sick about lowering the blood sugar too low.

- With this phase, the caloric breakdown is given as 50 percent protein, 30 percent carbohydrates, and 20 percent fats. Most of the time, you will spend eating more vegetables, healthy fats, and lean protein. As you can see, this should be something great for your body.

- Well, it is not going to be easy for the first timers. You might have some problems with adjusting, but with time, it gets better. The key is to convince yourself that it is for the better.

Some people have complained about feeling fatigued or experiencing headaches, mood swings, and bad breath. This feeling of fatigue and mood swings will fade after a couple of days.

- The work of using this fat shredder phase is to help with having a faster weight loss process. The process of limiting the carbohydrate intake will help to reduce cases of bloating, burn more fat stores and decrease water retention.

- It might seem like a punishment for most food lovers, but at the end of the phase, the results are often worth all the sacrifice. Most people end up being a leaner and more shredded version of themselves. All this is because the body will be burning most of the fat stores in the body. It is commonly known as the fuel for the body metabolism as there is more burning of food in the body.

- If you need to lose more weight, you might want to stay more in this phase.

Phase 2: Energy Booster

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The phase provides a balance of carbohydrates and protein, with a little amount of fat to supply the body with enough energy for performance.

What You Will Need

For this part, you can benefit from using such types of meals

  • Breakfast: oatmeal, skim milk, raisins, protein powder, cottage cheese
  • Snack: protein bar, recovery drink, turkey jerky, soy nuts
  • Lunch: Shrimp pasta, grilled chicken burrito, tuna roll up, tuna salad
  • Dinner: Extra lean burger, salad greens, fresh berries, chicken breast, grated Parmesan cheese.


P90x endurance maximizer trainer

- The aim of the phase is to help you endure using the P90X meal plan. The challenge is to end up with a lean body that you have always wanted in life, so you might be prepared to make a few sacrifices. In this phase, you will have to take more carbs than when in phase one.

- The percentage among the primary food sources will be as follows for this phase: 40 percent protein, 40 percentage carbohydrates, and 20 percent fats. As you can see, the amount of fat has been maintained to a minimum just like in the first phase.

It will worse if you end up increasing the fat percentage at this stage, as it will just take you back from the beginning of the whole process. You have to stay healthy and follow the percentages as given in this phase too.

- Having more carbohydrates for this phase is important to help in providing more energy for the body. This phase is where you get to start working out more often; thus, the body will need all the energy it can get toendure the various workouts at this stage.

- This process will end up slowing down the overall weight loss process, but it is time to start building those lean muscles. You can opt for the workouts provided by the meal plan or use your own. You simply need to make sure it is consistent so that you can build your muscles easily.

Check out this YouTube video showing some of the workouts you could use with the P90X meal plan.

Check out this YouTube video showing some of the workouts you could use with the P90X meal plan.

P90x Endurance Maximizer Reviews

Phase 3: Endurance Maximizer


For those who might have been craving to taste the traditional carbs such as pasta, potatoes, pancakes among others can now relax, as this phase gives you a treat. The recipes for this phase involve high-carbohydrates important to keep you energized.

What You Will Need

The food will change to some extent, making people love this option even better. Below are some of the food types to expect.

  • Breakfast: blueberry muffin, nonfat plain yogurt, berries, whole grain waffles, peanut butter, banana, skim milk
  • Snacks: recovery drink, fig newtons, mini rice cakes, lite popcorn, frozen fruit bar, dried fruit, fruit sorbet, soy nuts
  • Lunch: veggie burger, salad greens, whole-grain buns, bean chili, stuffed baked potato, grilled veggie focaccia
  • Dinner: Chicken, steamed green beans, baked yam, brown rice, raspberries, white rice, orange medium, salmon



- It is the final phase to go through with the P90X meal plan. At this point, you have to increase carbohydrate intake once again. It is only in phase one that you have to reduce the carbohydrates. Fat consumption has to remain the same. By now, your body has benefited from eating the less fat content in food more often. By now, you will not even see the need to use more fat in the food.

- The caloric sharing among the different components will be as follows: 20 percent protein, 60 percent carbohydrates, and 20 percent fat. For sure, you will have more energy to keep working out on your program to achieve the right body. It is the reason this phase is also called athletic diet as it gives the body the strength to keep going.


P90x Endurance Maximizer Flex

Did you like the P90X meal plan? If you give it a chance, it is possible that the benefits will show for themselves in the end. If you read the success stories of various people who have used the plan, they would always attribute it to having a very good time with it. Sometimes it is rough in the beginning, but it ends up being easier on you. Please share comments below of what you think about this amazing P90X meal plan. If you have any questions, I will get back to you with the answers.

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The P90X nutrition plan plays a very important role in the program. Believe it or not, the nutrition program is just as important to your success as any of the workout routines included. The diet program is designed to work with the P90X workout routines and is split up into 3 phases.

The P90X nutrition program doesn’t focus on miracle diets or quick fixes, it’s more along the lines of a lifestyle change. You decide which healthy foods you’re in the mood for, and then determine the portion size based on your individual needs.


The three phases of the P90X nutrition plan are fat shredder, energy booster, and endurance maximizer.

  1. Fat Shredder – A high protein diet which is designed to help strengthen muscle and rapidly shed body fat.
  2. Energy Booster – A balanced mix of protein, carbohydrates, and a lower amount of fat to boost energy levels.
  3. Endurance Maximizer – A diet consisting of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and lower fat with an emphasis on more carbs. This combination of foods is needed as fuel to get through the final weeks of the P90X program.