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Together, PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move have changed the complete dynamics of console gaming. People always had an issue with gaming consoles as they physically just harm you. But, with these PS accessories, you can actually involve yourself physically in the game. Now, if you want to use the PlayStation Eye as webcam on Windows, then here is the way. Yes, you read that right. You can actually use PlayStation Eye on PC.

Playstation Eye Camera

Use PlayStation Eye As Webcam On Windows

EyeCreate is the first video editing software for the PlayStation3. Using EyeCreate and the PlayStation Eye camera, you can capture video, audio and even photos which can then be edited into a movie. An extensive list of special effects such as Color Filters, Distortions, Art Filters and Motion Trails can give your video a professional touch.

Sony Playstation Eye Camera

  • The PS3 Eye Camera accurately reads each player’s position accurately, tracking up to 4 players for a single game. The Eye Camera also features head tracking to read upper body movements, giving you the freedom of a wide library of games to choose from.
  • If your PS3 is turned on, there should be a blue light lit on the PlayStation Eye. Follow these steps: Step 1: Under the PS3 XMB select Setting Accessory Settings Step 2: Select Camera Device Settings Step 3: If you are able to see an image of the area the camera is pointing at on the screen, then your PlayStation Eye is working properly.

To start with, you need to download the drivers file which would actually let you use PS Eye on PC. SO, download CL-EYE platform file on to your computer.

Once you download the above file, install it on your computer. The driver would automatically detect the operating system, so there is no extra efforts that you need to put in.

Playstation eye camera driver mac

Ps3 Eye Camera Driver Download

Once its done, connect PS Eye to your computer and run the program that you have installed in the above step named, CL-Eye Test which could be found in the Programs Menu under Start Menu.

Now you could see the PS Eye working as a normal webcam on your computer. You can try any of the chat clients like MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ChatRoulette.

Playstation Eye Camera Specs

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