Quarmageddon Rules

  1. 40k Armageddon Rules
Quarmageddon Rules
  1. If you decide to do that, just place the Quest Cards and Quest Dice back in the box, as well as the new Squire Basic Card and his corresponding dice (he isn’t very useful unless you’re playing with Quests!). But if you’d like to go out hunting for Quartifacts, then follow the rules in the next section to set up the Quest Area.
  2. From the Hebrew Har Meghiddohnʹ, meaning “Mountain of Megiddo.”The word is associated with “the war of the great day of God the Almighty” in which “the kings of the entire inhabited earth” gather to wage war against Jehovah.

As of the Quarmageddon expansion, the rulebook has been updated. The change is this: dice (such as Portals) that are spent during the turn are placed into a separate Spent Pile, where they are ineligible to be put back into the bag until the end of the turn. The rules seem to suggest that the Portal die you just used would go in the used.

iPad App - Designed for iPad

Get ready to roll (dice), because Quarriors for the iPad is getting a new expansion. Quarmageddon adds 40 all-new dice, 26 totally new cards (6 new creatures, 2 new spells), and a new ability for some creatures that make them immune to certain attacks. That last one sounds like something of a game-changer.

In addition, Quarriors itself will be receiving an update that adds multiple AI difficulty settings, an expanded tutorial, new (optional) rules, and some adjusted matchmaking and gameplay for multiplayer. The expansion will be 'coming soon' to the App Store and sell for $1.99. To celebrate, the app itself will be free for a very limited time. So if you've been on the fence about the iOS rendition of the popular dice-building game, you might want to keep an eye out.

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The Games Club has plenty of materials to help you run your miniature battles in the Hobby Room. These materials include mats, scenery and miniatures. Miniature gaming materials cannot be borrowed on a general basis. If you want to borrow a particular piece to play at home, you must contact first a member of the Committee and obtain their permission, and it should be clear the amount of time you’ll borrow the material (in general a weekend or some days would be reasonable).


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We sometimes organize painting/modelling sessions and have organized related workshops. For these, we meet in the Amiroom, because the Hobby Room should be kept “dirt free”, as we are sharing it with other clubs and activities that require a clean space.
If you want to organise your own sessions, please let us know and the club would be glad to help you by providing some general tools and raise interest in the event.

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Rebel Alliance tight formation readies itself for the imminent clash against the Empire evil forces

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Please contact Beni Megido for general miniature games questions.

For particular miniature games, you can contact the following persons:

40k Armageddon Rules

  • Warhammer 40K: Beni Megido (9523), Andreas Schulz (8024)
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