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Total War: Rome II Game Guide. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. General's skill tree is much more extended than your agent's one, because general can specialize in three areas. Subsequent tree levels can be unlocked only after reaching a high enough rank of the commander. Rome General Skills: Generals and admirals are used to command armies and fleets in battle. Their command rating influences the effectiveness with which their army or fleet fights. Generals can be assigned useful skills and household members or objects as they gain experience in battle and increase in rank. They can also be assigned Cursus Honorum offices to convey additional bonuses. I'm an experienced Total War fan; I've been playing since Rome came out, but all this time I've never been so sure on how to train generals up with their traits and retinue. I know how battles and campaigns in general will increase command and management etc, but how do I train up my young Julii heir to be smart, political and courageous. Allows you to give any trait your faction can have to a specific general. Givetrait 'character' 'trait' 'level number' Anything in the city's building queue will be built automatically. There are some features you can add or edit by going to your Rome Total War folder. (Default: C:Program FilesActivisionRome - Total War). A complete guide to generals and family members in Rome: Total War. In this episode of Game Guides, I will be talking about generals and family members in Ro.

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Hello all,
I recently went throught the export_descr_character_traits file and nitpicked all the various traits that would be of value to people who use the give_trait cheat and haven't been able to find the necessary full list of traits online. I just figured I'd drop this off, if it helps you great, if not feel free to call me a lazy stinking cheater
HighPersonalSecurity 3
GoodCommander 5
GoodAttacker 5
GoodDefender 5
GoodAmbusher 4
GoodSiegeAttacker 4
GoodSiegeDefender 4
Brave 5 (4 slightly better than 5)
Energetic 4
PublicFaith 4
GoodAdministrator 3
InspiringSpeaker 3
StrategicSkill 3
TacticalSkill 3
MathematicsSkill 3
LogisticalSkill 3
VictorVirtue 3
Stoic 3
Austere 3
CounterSpy 3
AssassinCatcher 3
Upright 3
Loyal 4
GoodFarmer 3
GoodMiner 3
GoodTrader 3
Just 3
KindRuler 3
GoodBuilder 3
Sailor 5 (admirals only)
BattleScarred 4
HatesIslam 3
Handsome (3 better than 4)
Fertile 3
HaleAndHearty 3
Intelligent 3
NaturalMilitarySkill 4
BattleDread 5
BattleChivalry 5
StrategyDread 5
StrategyChivalry 5
CrusaderHistory 3
AdoredByPope 3
CaptorChivalry 4
CaptorDread 4
RansomChivalry 4
RansomDread 4
Gregarious 3
ContentGeneral 3
WifeIsCharming 3
WifeIsWise 3
FactionKiller 4
GoodDiplomacy 4
TourneyKnight 5
HorseRacer 3
AcademyTrained 2
ReligiousActivity 4
WifeIsNoble 3
SPY/ASSASSIN TRAITS (* means spy traits/^ means assassin/nothing means both)
GoodSpy 5 *
NaturalSpySkill 3 *
GoodAssassin 5 ^
NaturalAssassinSkill 3 ^
GoodConspirator 3
ThievesGuildMember 2 *
ThievesGuildTrained *
AssassinsGuildMember 2 ^
AssassinsGuildTrained ^
GoodDiplomat 5
SmoothTalker 3
Secretive 3
NaturalDiplomatSkill 3
Multilingual 3
BraveDiplomat 3

Gerald from Pooh's RTW Trait and Ancillary Database has agreed to let us host his files that detail all the Traits and Ancillaries in Rome: Total War. We'll try to keep up with the updates he makes but you'll always find the most recent version at his site.

You can download the zip that contains all the files and a read-me here.

And of course, why and who would want to use the files? I'll quote Gerald himself on this:

Who should use these files? Certainly not the newbie, or the beginner to the game. These files are for those who have questions like: 'Is Austere a good or bad trait to have?'

Rome Total War General Traits List

  • 'Which is better for my general - to stay in a city, or to walk around the wilderness?'
  • 'Which is better for my general - to stay in a city with city plumbing, or with a governor's house?'
  • 'Does my governor get a trait increase if I build a market, academy, or a port?'
  • 'Does the temple of Bacchus, Ceres, or Jupiter produce better traits and ancillaries?'
  • 'How do I get an oracle or mathematician?'
The data in the files has already been processed, calculated and sorted. You won't find information like 'What is the effect of a level in GoodCommander' - for questions like that, you will have to open up export_descr_character_traits.txt and look for it directly. Granted, I have included some descriptions and information, but bewarned - a lot of it is summarised, which explains why you will see numbers like 'Command : +0.6 / level' - in order to make meaningful comparisons, a single weighted number has to be used. You will find more details in the readme*.txt files if you're inclined.Enjoy the files!Rome Total War General Traits

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Rome Total War General Traits Cheats

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