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– About us –

Team Build Battle ServersTeam
  • Battle Arena Spleef Paintball Mob Arena Team fortress GTA grand theft auto Prison Kit PvP OP Kit PvP Dwarves Vs Zombies Annihilation Creative Crafting Dead BedWars EggWars. Connect to this Minecraft 1.16 server using the ip
  • SERVIDOR TEAM BUILD BATTLE NO PREMIUM UHC, Egg Wars, TnT Run, OITC, Hide and Seek, Potion PvP, etc.

Samanga was founded in 2014 and we are today a team with much different expertise so we can take on as many great projects as possible. We have also been in competitions against some of the other great Minecraft building teams. Through the years, we`ve had the pleasure to work with many servers and big YouTubers.

The build with the highest votes will win! The Pro mode receives more time than normal games plus world editing tools and their names scrambled! This is the ultimate build battle. You can purchase super votes in the Build Battle lobby store. Super votes allow you to choose which theme you use in a game. Guess The Build.

Want to join the team? Application form here!

Team Build Battle Server Minecraft Pe

– How can we use minecraft? –

With Minecraft being one of the biggest games in the world, one can use Minecraft in a lot of very different ways. Some just like to play and want to have amazing hubs and maps for their Minecraft server. But Minecraft is also used to make education more fun through the game. For example, Museums are also using Minecraft to make learning more fun and engaging to a younger audience.

Minecraft Team Build Battle Server Ip


Team Build Battle Servers Minecraft

Basically; Minecraft is used by millions of people around the world in very different ways.