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Is Tekken 7 free of cost? While the trial version of the game can be downloaded for free on Steam, the Windows version is paid. Tekken 7 APK download lets you play the game for free on your Android or iOS device. However, the gameplay of Tekken 7 mobile isn’t as great as the Windows version. Tekken 7 Android iOS Free. 1 Once the download starts. 4 Pull down the Notification panel from the top of the screen and tap 1207tekken76407629.apk.

  • Tekken 5 is one of the very popular android Game and thousands of people want to get it on their phone or tablets without any payments. Here you can download Tekken 5 Game for free. Download the Game from the download link, provided in the page. Screenshots: Game Description - Tekken 5: Tekken 5 is the one of the most popular fighting games.
  • Download Tekken app for Android. Enjoy one of the most famous and iconic fighting games ever made with simplified controls and plenty of action.
  • Download Tekken 6 ROM for Playstation Portable(PSP ISOs) and Play Tekken 6 Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device!

Tekken 7 APK is a popular android fighting game where you as a player will join famous fighters including panda, xiaoyu, law, nina, etc. to get engaged with them in a system featuring fighting techniques across the globe. The developer of the game adds interest within the game for the players who would be playing as Dojo Master who would gather, upgrade, and battle with the favourite fighter.

Gameplay Screen

Features of the game

The developer of the game adds to the interest of the fighting game lovers by adding up such exclusive features as below;

Tekken Free Pc Download

  • The gameplay

As the gaming series of tekken moves on, the developer of the game follows the gameplay, further bringing improvement as compared to the previous version.

The gameplay of this game comprises the bound system that acts as a helpful tool in staggering out the characters for increasing the opportunity for availing those additional hits for the enemy to gain victory. The developer makes the gamer attack the enemy via inflicting the hits, making the player entertain oneself with an upgraded display system. The gameplay further allows the multiplayer mode to enhance the interest of the players.

  • Uniqueness

Although the entire series of this action game brings something new and interesting for the player, having tekken 7 download for android offers the collection of 20 characters. The aim set behind by the developer is to let the player experience multiple but unique fighting styles. The special move for every fighter would further enhance the interest of the player within the game.

  • Realistic online gaming experience

The battle to take place is more interesting when it is online. As a player, you establish the entire team and fight against the opponent who could be anyone, i.e. either your friend or someone from the community.

For earning those valuable rewards, you as a player will establish the team of attackers as well as the defenders to fight against in the monthly seasons. The real-time experience also comes with the earning of the best player badge. The better your moves, the more you’ll rank the ladders.

  • Experiencing live events regularly

To eliminate the boredom among the players, the developer of this game comes up with new content regularly. The special themed events comprising those rare characters and contents give players a fresh experience.

Highlight the APK

The mod version of this game is what the players find as it offers everything unlimited. From the hits that you as a player will require to fight the battle to the lives that you’ll be needing to continue, the mod version will help you progress earlier and earn huge rewards.

Details of Tekken 7 APK

Name of the applicationTekken 7 APK
Developer NameNamco
Android Version4.4+
APK Version1.5
Size of the app38 MB


Tekken 7 apk is the series android game, lying in the category of action and fight. With this series, the developer of the game introduces two new unique and distinctive mechanisms where the first relates to the rage art while the other relates to the power crush.

The excitement enhances within the game as the rage art mode makes the character take greater damages in comparison to the opponent while in the power crush, the player, i.e. you will be able to attack the enemy continually. Having tekken 7 download for android will help you eliminate the boredom of your free time even if you are not one among the action game lovers.

4.5/5(227 votes )

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Download Tekken 4 APK: A warm welcome to the gamer in the world of the most fighting game ever. Continue the series of Tekken, is now introduce the newer version as Tekken 4 APK for android mobile lovers. It provides a lot of entertainments and action sequels. It achieves its popularity among the thousands of other action games, and people love to play Tekken 4 APK on their mobile phone. It is really interesting to play and easy to download by following a simple procedure. It upgrades many features like its graphics quality, game-play mechanism, and fearsome fighter. Newcomers connect with old top picks in intelligent, multi-leveled fields. The expansion of dividers, landscape impacts, position changes, and improved avoiding will constrain you to modify your battling procedure. Extended game modes, for example, Training, Team Battle and the new Tekken Force give the player a more profound interactivity experience.

The most noticeable changes in Tekken 4 APK are.

  • Addition of walls
  • Limit the spaces
  • It enabled players to move around a field associating with dividers and different snags for additional harm
  • Now players are required to fight within the given spaces.
  • Use the obstacles for fighting
  • The game motor had been changed to be progressively centered around the earth, making the characters move all the more gradually and smoothly
Previously, one player could back up until the camera container into a far view before dashing at their adversary full speed. It was a fundamental strategy utilized by the arcade scrubs who couldn’t remember their ten-strings or shabby hits. That capacity has still made it into the Tekken 4 APK, however, its reasonableness shared characteristics have been extraordinarily diminished and the accentuation on the straight-ahead battling is energized on the account of the room based stages.

The creator of Tekken 4 APK, design the game in a good manner and provides the gamer with best graphics quality and they upgrade so many features as not done in previous versions of Tekken.

  • Increase Lighting
  • Enhance Dynamic physic
  • Smoother the surface
  • The visual clarity for a fighting title is remarkable and unbeatable.
  • High Definition HDTV
  • The modulation of the characters is quite beautiful.
  • Improvement in a fighter in their techniques.
  • Well designed backgrounds.
  • Add water effects that are very impressive.
  • Trees, vehicles, and other such foundation articles are all around rendered as well and run the range of hues, types, and sizes.
  • Awesomely designed stages like add mall and octagon.
  • Perfect characters animation are practically flawless with a solitary periodic falter and uncommon cut-out paying little respect to the posture, area, and move.
  • Smooth, reasonable, and unquestionably worth looking at, the exact models are manufactured like they’re from our measurement, yet they additionally move like it as well.

The sound quality of Tekken 4 APK is the most significant update of the Tekken series. The audio of the game is overflowing with piano keys and horns. This sound heavily reminds the origin of the original Tekken. Tekken 4 Apk is all about pleasure, being in relax mood. It adds so many soundtracks like jazz riff and many more.

  • The soundtrack does not exist during the match.
  • Vocals only play a significant role before and after the match.
  • Match the speech with its characters
  • English voices are also used for the bookends

Tekken 4 APK also includes a beat em up fighting techniques as available in Tekken 3. it gives the player an over-the-bear point of view as they battle endless supply of Heihachi’s Tekken Force through four phases, in the long run confronting Hibachi himself.

  • Now players can boost up their health and powers while they are in fighting with enemies.
  • The forces in Tekken 4 APK holds different ranks.
  • All characters have a different amount of power, Stamina, and strength.
  • Tekken 4 APK featuring twenty-three characters from Tekken 3.
  • Include 3 characters from Tekken 2.
  • Tekken 4 APK also introduce a robotic character which copies the fighting styles of other characters.
  • Most of the characters’ fight with Heihachi at the last stage.

The best features regarding Tekken 4 APK which result in high popularity of Tekken 4 APK in all over the world.

  • Collect more than a hundred characters with unique qualities and fighting styles.
  • Upgrade fighting moves for up to 20 after winning some stages.
  • Start a battle in unique gaming mode like the story mode mission, challenging mode.
  • Unlock achievement
  • Different game modes
  • Unlock features
  • Get high energy Boost up

In order to download Tekken 4 APK on your mobile phone just follow the simple procedure, and start enjoying the game.

Tekken 6 Free Apk Download

  • Before starting the installation, turn off the mobile data and Wifi.
  • Extract the obb zip file from the location of sdcard/Android/obb or you may also copy this file.
  • If the obb folder doesn’t found in your mobile, then you simply create the obb folder.
  • Launch the game.
  • Now open the application and run the game. It doesn’t take too much time to install.

Tekken Mobile Apk Android

This is a simple procedure for game installation on your mobile phone.

Tekken Game Free Download

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Tekken 3 Apk Free Download