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(Brief Encylopedia of Indian Tribes)

Book 3 - Tribal India by Nadeem Hasnain Another book which is written by NadeemHasnain is 'Tribal India'. The book mainly focuses on the involvement and origin of Tribal communities that exist in India. Nadeem Hasnain is liked by UPSC students for an easy and simple narration that won't let the subject get boring. Be the first to review “Tribal India by Nadeem Hasnain” Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked.

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Tribal India By Nadeem Hasnain

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Tribal India, book on Anthropology, is an important landmark of Palaka Prakashan in the services of the social sciences. Tribal India provides, in a synthesised and comprehensive form, different facets of life, society and culture of the 'exotic', colourful, virile and exploited tribals of India trying to come to terms with the hard realities of transition from the hoary past to the bewildering present.
Starting from the concept and definition of 'tribe' in the Indian perspective, it journeys through their origin, different facets of society and culture, their problems, welfare and development. Besides, such issues as tribal regionalism and debt bondage, ethnographic profiles of some select tribes have added to it's utility. The annexure part of the book provides a variety of statistical and qualitative data.
Tribal India Nadeem HasnainThe expanse and coverage of the book have made it a sort of an encyclopaedic title on tribal india.
Tribal India fulfills the needs of a wide range of readership which includes planners and administrators, students of anthropology, sociology, economics and human geography. The book is extremely popular among the university students and aspirants of civil services.
Dr. Nadeem Hasnain, the author of this book, enjoys a high degree of popularity equally among the university students as well as the civil services aspirants. A well known anthropologist, he heads the department of anthropology of an associate college of Lucknow University.Tribal india nadeem hasnain pdf
Key Sections
  • Section 1 : Tribes In India
  • Section 2 : Glimpses of Society and Culture
  • Section 3 : Ethnographic Profiles of Select Indian Tribes
  • Section 4 : Problems {including Letter from B.D. Sharma to the President of India (Excerpts)}
  • Section 5 : Some Other Facts {including Criminal(denotified) Tribes}
  • Section 6 : Administration, Welfare and Development
Select Bibliography
  • List of Scheduled Tribes and Population Statewise
  • Select Minor and Major Tribes and their Distribution
  • National Forest Policy Resolution 1988
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