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Vray Maya 2014 DownloadThis page gives details on the license setup for Chaos Group products.

V-Ray For Maya 2014 is an impressive extension for Maya which will enhance the rendering process with full suite of tools for creating professional photoreal imagery as well as animations. This extension has been built for handling the absolute the toughest project as well as largest scenes. Here, you can get the V-Ray Adv v3.05.03 full installers and register DLL files (cgauth.dll & vray.dll) for 64-bit version of Maya 2014, 2015 and Windows. Title: Download VRay for Sketchup 2017: Manufacturer: Vray 2017: Shared on: October 20th, 2016: Category: 3D/Animation: System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows. V-Ray 5 for Maya is now available for download. Purchase includes one floating user license and one floating render node license. V-Ray 5 for Maya is a complete suite of physically-based lighting, shading and rendering tools tightly integrated into Autodesk Maya. Perpetual license option. Rural villa 3dsmax Description: – 3dsmax 2014 – Vray 3.4 – Textures. Nice Exterior download free 3dsmax 2014- vray 3.4.


Autodesk Maya 2014 Free Download

You cannot directly open 3ds max file on Maya. the vray scene converter included in vray was not for file or object extension converter. Its for converting materials and lights from other 3ds max render engine ( scanline mental ray, corona, etch) to become vray compatible.

License Server version 5.0 provides licensing of the Chaos Group products without the need for any physical devices to be plugged in your machine. It allows you to easily activate more licenses right after the purchase and provides a way to stay offline while using your products when you need to. It is still compatible with existing USB dongles, in case you need to use your licenses in this way.


The License Server's interface is accessible in a web browser. See the License Server Interface page for more information.

Download vray 2014


The installer is fairly straight forward and easy to run, but if you need help, please see the Installing the License Server page for details on the process. This includes using your Chaos Group account to access your purchased licenses from anywhere online.

Maya Vray Materials


To activate your licenses, go to127.0.0.1:30304 using your web browser and click SIGN IN from the ONLINE LICENSING menu. You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. Once the activation is successful, you will be able to see the list of your available licenses on the License Server home page.

Offline Activation and License Usage - Recommended for Machines Without Internet Access

You can still activate your License Server even without Internet connection. To do this you will need to download an activation request file from your License Server. Use another machine with Internet connection to upload the file to my.chaosgroup.com where you log in with your Chaos Group account and generate an activation file. Upload the activation file to your License Server to activate it.

See also the Borrowing Licenses for Offline Use page for additional information.

1) On the machine without Internet connection open License Server web interface page.

2) From the expandable menu of ONLINE LICENSING, go to OFFLINE ACTIVATION.

3) Press ACTIVATE OFFLINE button.

4) Download your activation request file (cert.crs).

5) Use another machine with Internet connection to log in to my.chaosgroup.com with your Chaos Group account and press Activate License Server.

6) Name your license server and press NEXT.

7) Upload the activation request file you downloaded in step 4 and press ACTIVATE .

8) Download your Activation file (cert.crt).

9) On the machine without Internet connection in your License Server web interface page upload your Activation file (cert.crt) and press UPLOAD.

Download Maya Vray

10) Your site is now successfully activated.

USB Dongle usage

The Licensing system allows you to use seats associated with your Chaos Group account easily from anywhere you can log into over the internet. If you also have a USB dongle with Chaos Group product licenses attached to your computer, you can utilize those available licenses with the License Server. For more details on this process, please see the Dongle usage page.

When using a dongle license connected to the License Server you are only able to access the dongle licenses on the machine that the dongle is connected to. You are unable to access dongle licenses over the internet on another machine logged into the License Server.


In most situations, adjusting the Settings for the online licensing system is not necessary. But if you need to adjust something like your connection settings because you're using a Proxy server, you can get to these through the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the License Server webpage and choosing Settings. For more details on what settings are adjustable from this area, please see the Advanced Settings page.

Updating from License Server 3.0 to 5.0

If you are updating your licensing system from the previous setup to the new online system, no changes are required on the workstation or application side of your software. The online system replaces the existing dongle functionality without any additional steps needed on your part. There is no need to use the Change License Settings application to reconfigure your setup. If you have purchased online licenses, these can be activated for online usage in the new system right away.

The username and password credentials in the Change your license settings tool window are not the same as your online credentials used to log into your account at my.chaosgroup.com and activate version 5.0 of the License Server.